Trevor MayesMy name is Trevor Mayes proprietor of the New Age Blog and responsible for the content and design of this web site. My personal interests experience and qualifications are as follows.

I originate from Suffolk, England and have lived in many parts of the UK. I now live near Tregaron in west Wales. I have done a variety of different occupations, foundry worker, outdoor pursuits instructor, senior social worker, children’s home manager, market gardener and now a colour therapist. I have a Diploma in Colour Therapy from the Iris International School of Colour Therapy, a Certificate in Community and Youth Work from The University of London Goldsmiths College 1974 – 76 and a Diploma in Community Education from Leicester Polytechnic 1980-82. I am also a professional qualified web site designer with a Diploma in Web Site Design (Distinction) from the Association of Certified IT Professionals.

My interests include the psychological, scientific, medical, and therapeutic use of colour, anything to do with spirituality and the metaphysical including shamanism, I read the runes and have an intuitive understanding of numerology. I use diagnostic tests and the choice of colour to tune into people and what is happening in peoples lives. I am a dowser that has spent several years learning the use of the universal pendulum for remote healing . I am an audiophile that still collects vinyl and appreciate the quality reproduction of music as a means of colour healing. I live a healthy lifestyle growing my own vegetables and love to cook and eat a rainbow diet. I still have a passion for outdoor pursuits, my current interest is mountain biking in remote places which is part of a lifestyle way of keeping body and soul together.