Past Lives – Are They Real?


Past LivesBy: Jennifer McVey

Are Past Lives Real?

Does everyone have past lives?

Everyone has a memory from somewhere, at sometime besides this lifetime. How do I know if I’d had a past life or if I have been here before?

Just ask yourself about it. Think about… let the thoughts in. Are there any places you are drawn to or feel like you have been there before? How is your home decorated? Are there types of art work that you love or certain eras that you have an affinity to or music, movies, stories that move you?

Do I know people from other lifetimes?
Yes…from sometime, somewhere. You may recognize them from somewhere else. You may know them from being in Spirit with them, in a past life in a body, in a past life out of body, or from observing them.

How can I tell?
There’s so many ways; you may feel a strong connection or repulsion to someone the first time you meet them, feel like you know them, recognize them- even if you know there’s no way you could, it may be the thoughts or feelings that you have known them forever or a relationship (any type) that you feel like you have done it before; you may have continual problems with someone for no reason or have someone taking a liking to you or favor you without any obvious reason or cause; you may notice you take on a different role with a specific person that you don’t do with anyone else in your life or you may just know that you know them.

How do I know it was my lifetime I’m ‘remembering’?
Just to be sure, you should have your certified past life regression therapist ask while you are in hypnosis. Another way to check is if your therapist has been trained and certified in NMR. More about NMR go to
For information on self NMR go to

Is it safe to do a past life regression or what if I’m scared of them/of it?
First, make sure doing your past life is to your highest good and that you are prepared to finish what you start. Your past life regression therapist should explain the process to you, you should be comfortable in your environment before you start and- you may want to make sure those scared feelings are yours… they may belong to your past life!

What kind of questions do I ask?
What do you want to know? Anything you can think of, you can ask… remember ‘your past lives’ have their own personalities and they can choose not to answer you or talk about what they want to.

What kind of information do I get?
Anything and everything that you want; it has been described that you are in the middle of a movie.

How do I know I’m not making it up?
A lot of times it may feel like you are making it all up. But, most of the time, it is obvious by the circumstances, memories and feelings it is not something that you (in this incarnation) would think of making up. You may feel like you are making it up at the time, but when you are ‘awake’ you know you didn’t.

What is the difference between past life regressions and past life regression therapy?
A past life regression is when you ‘go back’ and review your past life. Past life regression therapy is when you ‘go back’ and heal your past life.

Do I need a Past Life Therapist to have a past life regression?
No, not to review a past life, you could listen to a cd, have a dream about it, get information during meditation or memories may surface (at any time!).

Do I need a Past Life Therapist to have a past life regression therapy done?
Yes. You cannot be in two states of consciousness at the same time.

Why would I need past life therapy?
Past life therapy is recommended if you have a past life that needs healing. If that consciousness is ‘restless’ then it needs to be attended to.

Does it matter if I go see someone who does past life regressions or a past life therapist?
Yes. It depends on what you are looking to accomplish, what type of session you are going to have or want. How do you know what they are? Ask about their certifications and training.

What if I don’t believe in past lives?
If some part of your mind believes it it’s real, then it is treated like it is real.

How does it relate to me now?
That depends on your current circumstances and why your past life ‘is forward’. That is a good question to ask during your session.

Why would someone want to go back and do something again?
Hmmm… have you ever failed a test in school and had to retake it? You may have not wanted to take that specific test again, but you needed to pass it because of the bigger goals and plans you have. Maybe that test was just a stepping stone to something bigger or grander. Maybe you need that information later and don’t realize it at the moment. Or simply, maybe you really want to learn it, fix it, heal it or even change it. We rarely do things ‘right’ the first time. And how would we know what is right, if we don’t know what’s wrong? Experience is a teacher.

What if I don’t want to come back?
Best advice I can give you, is learn your lessons now and go see a certified past life regression therapist and ‘work through’ all of your ‘lingering’ lifetimes.

More about the definition and history of past life/ past life regressions go to:

What if I’m ready to try it but don’t know where to go?
Ask your Higher Self to help bring the right person/place/book/cd to you. If you want have a regression session, have a certified past life regression therapist work with you; find one that is also certified as a hypnotherapist. And always ask about their certifications as hypnotist, master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, past life certifications and training and their experience.
Not all hypnotherapists are trained in past lives and not all past life regression therapists are trained in hypnosis thoroughly.

How do I find a good past life regression therapist?
Go to and scroll down the page. You will find a list with bullet points, titled: How to Find & Help Your Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist. The end of this section gives you great pointers on how to be hypnotized.

Are past lives real?
You’ll just have to try a past life regression and decide for yourself.

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