Aries – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Aries – Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Aries - Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Aries is an astrological sign that is associated with the constellation Aries. Under the tropical zodiac, Aries is occupied by the Sun from about March 21 to April 19 (depending on the exact year) and is associated with the Spring Equinox. Under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from April 15 to May 15. The opposite sign to Aries is Libra. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and associated with fresh vigor and new beginnings.

Urban Myths and Legends

Aries has a reputation for being a bit of an outlaw, but this is misunderstood, they stand for change and progress and as such is often in conflict with the establishment and therefore the pillars of society do not always like them and keep them isolated or outlawed.

Once Aries has found the mate or made their conquest, they get bored and then look around for something else usually younger. These is because Aries needs a quest and challenge once that is finished they then look for another often not recognizing the values of gentleness, patience and compromise. Something they need to learn the hard way! It is a myth that the female Aries is always the dominant sexual partner, dominance is always an issue with Aries of both sexes the female tends to be more of a pussy cat in the bedroom.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology Aries is often associated with the Greek myth of the ram which carried Athamas’s son Phrixus and daughter Helle to Colchis to escape their stepmother Ino, as well as the mythological figure of Theseus, from the Greek myth of the Minotaur. Aries is also associated with the Greco-Roman god Ares/Mars.

The Dark Side

Ariens tend to be a bit of a sloth, not because they are lazy but because they are high-flown dreamers who think that others should do the menial tasks of life, which is why they tend to be a bit hard on others below them.
Petty or meticulous is another fault, while they do not necessarily want order or tidiness, they are very critical of what is not done for them and in this context it is not flawless or spotless. This can be on a personal level that develops into a macro scale of it being the fault the company, council, authority or government.

Ariens as Lovers

Ariens love the whole deal and just the person who goes with it! To Aries its the joy of the chase or pursuit that they love rather than the conquest or catch itself. Not that they are incapable of long term relationships they just get a bit bored with routine and get fidgety if its not kept alive, never changes or there is no new challenge.
As a fire sign Aries is a true romantic with an urge for challenge, excitement, adventure challenge and change. They are not boring people so if you are looking for somebody placid and contented stay away from Aries.

The Aries Man

Best described as a knight in shining armour with all the chauvinistic and aristocratic qualities that go with it, brilliant for charging to the rescue but not too good on issues requiring sensitivity. They are capable of grand gestures and very generous but can also be very bad tempered and trample all over the feelings of others.

The Aries man is very passionate, he likes to sweep women off there feet and their sex life is far from routine, however, he maybe more passionate about the image he has of his partner rather than the reality. He is vulnerable when it comes to women so expect some degree of defensiveness, but their main quality concerning change is that they are prepared to change themselves and are never complacent. Therefore, if the relationship needs to grow and change to stay alive then they would be willing to do this for the sake of the partnership.

The Aries Woman

The character of the Aries woman is best described as a Joan of Arc looking for a crusade or a challenge and as such tends to be very successful in business or hold positions of authority. They want to promote change and progress in the world so do not expect them to want menial jobs or occupations.
The Aries woman is not that materialistic, it is achievement in a mans world that counts rather than the money or possessions. She is not exactly a pushover and can be very intimidating to some men; however, they sometimes make a better mistress than a wife. Their main problem is the competitiveness seeing men ad a fellow contestant as well as a challenge. The Aries woman will fight for and defend those she loves and capable of total dedication and commitment, but men with a shaky self-esteem should stay away.


Aries find their best partners in the air and fire signs but unfortunately maybe drawn to the stormy and problematic relationships associated with earth and water signs.

With Aries
As it says on fireworks light blue touch paper and retire, this is a very combustible mixture as both want to be in charge and neither are going to take a back seat. There is a serious danger that they will reinforce each others weaknesses especially where finances are concerned and this could turn into a major issue. Sex usually gets off to an intense start but as with fire signs burning passions are easily be extinguished with a bucket of cold water!

With Taurus
They are sometimes able to establish a workable relationship, however Aries finds Taurus a bit too stubborn and stuck in their ways to change. This may mean they like the stability and security or look for excitement elsewhere or Taurus broadens their horizons in a way they never imagined which also includes the way they spend their money. Sex can be exciting stimulating and long lasting.

With Gemini
This is probably the best matching sign for Ariens as they both need challenge and stimulation. Gemini can calm down the Ariens ability to make global issues out of minor incidents, on the other hand Gemini and enjoys Aries humour and intellect. Both enjoy variety and challenge. Where sex is concerned variety is the spice of life which with this combination can sometimes include others!

With Cancer
The most difficult sign for Ariens, Cancer is far too silent, moody and irritable for Aries who is driven to distraction by constant moaning and winging. However, having said that Ariens show a disregard for Cancers feelings and sensitivities, which provokes the moaning in the first place. If this partnership is going to survive then look for some compatibility in their respective moon signs. While sex can start out intense and exciting, it is usually the first casualty in any argument.

With Leo
There does tend to be a battle of the egos in this relationship with both thinking the other is overpowering, overbearing and insufferable. However, if this problem can be resolved then it can be a very exciting, lively and loving partnership. Both signs place a lot of importance on sex and the physical side of the relationship, which seems to be a litmus paper for how well they are getting on.

With Virgo
Virgos are often attracted to Aries because they wish to emulate their detached and discerning personalities, however Aries find their picky ways extremely irritating and a distraction, on the other hand Virgo finds the Ariens self centred and far too pushy. Despite this and if these problems can be overcome then the sexual attraction with this combination can be very powerful. To examine whether this combination can last look for compatibility in their respective moon signs and and some harmony in their Mars Venus aspects.

With Libra
These signs are opposites in the Zodiac and while they can attract they often critics each other for having the same faults. Ariens finds Libras indecision irritating and so makes the decisions which in turn annoys Libra who wishes Aries was not quite so bossy and overbearing. Harmony can be found if Libra instead of always agreeing with Aries takes some initiative to do as they thin fit under the circumstances. Sex can be inventive and sensual but often lacks any real emotional depth or feeling.

With Scorpio
This combination can quickly become embroiled in emotional combat seething with sex and passion from the very start as both signs have affiliations with sexy warlike Mars and in which more devious Scorpio being usually gets the upper hand. This is a combination of extremes and like a roller coaster it can soar to great heights or go on a big downer with devastating results for both people concerned.

With Sagittarius
This combination is better suited to being friends rather than lovers as Ariens like to think they are a free agent they will find somebody who is more foot loose and fancy free very difficult to deal with. Sagittarius tends to be very relaxed and fails to see what Ariens gets worked up about especially when it comes to criticism about the way in which they are being treated. Sex in the beginning tends to be very good but can often lead to problems over feelings of insecurity and the inability to community when things get difficult.

With Capricorn
This combination rarely hits it off or runs smoothly, Both signs have issues of control to deal with so it is a bit of a clash of the titans as they each struggle for domination in the relationship. however, as is sometimes the case this struggle can lead to strong sexual attraction if they can agree to meet each others overwhelming needs. In which case Ariens will have to let Capricorn be the boss in return for for Capricorn feeding and massaging the Ariens delicate ego, when this happens it can be a very fulfilling relationship achieving great things.

With Aquarius
Aquarius can be too stubborn, argumentative and unpredictable for Ariens, and as such this can be a very provocative combination. Ariens finds Aquarius exciting and appreciates their intellect and sense of humour. Aquarius can find Ariens a bit too physical but appreciates there non conformist attitude and behaviour but wishes they did not lose their temper quite so often. This combination has a good sexual relationship but that may not stop them looking for a bit extra especially on the side!

With Pisces
This combination can work reasonably well usually because Pisces lets Aries be the boss and walk allover them, but at the same time Pisces does like the dominance. Another factor in their favour is that these signs are next to each other in the Zodiac so they may well have planets in each others sun signs. Ariens find it difficult to express feelings and emotion so may feel drawn towards the romantic and sensitive Pisces. As far as sex is concerned look for harmony in their moon signs and the Venus Mars aspects, in which case it can be absolutely fantastic!


Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of sexuality and as a fire sign it has a reputation for for having a bawdy and lusty attitude towards sex with a strong libido in both male and female Ariens, however, the lack of a suitable outlet can have a depressing effect on their lives. Ariens are not ones for a long drawn out courtship or conquest, they like to cut to the chase and they do not deal with sexual frustration very easily. This can result in the flames being permanently extinguished or manifests itself in some unhealthy ways such as aggression and verbal abuse. Both sexes are guilty of this behaviour although there are gender differences in the how this factually happens. As far as sex is concerned Aries the ram or stud certainly applies but the female Ariens can run the risk of being seem in a negative way where as it is perfectly reasonable for a man to sow their wild oats. Aries of both sexes like to respond to the here and now so sex can happen in some unusual places. While Ariens pride themselves on their sexual prowess it can be a problem for them recognising that there are any problems and that their sexual performance was anything less than perfect.

Crystal Astrology

Ruling Planet: Mars

Birth Stones: Ruby and Diamond

Aries as a fire signs is aligned to fire crystals of passion, creativity and spirit.

Mars the God of war is assertive and aggressive and the red of the ruby birthstone needs to be handled with care as it can fire up strong emotions and red hot passions. However it can help Aries stay focused to give them the energy to achieve their goals. Carnelian can help Ariens avoid dangerous situations and amethyst can calm a troubled mind and help cope with an impatient nature. Diamond can help Ariens to be more considerate and see things more clearly.

The Runes and Astrology

Ancient runic users did not adapt the Zodiac they used the Twelve Halls of Heaven instead. Thor’s Hall Bilskirnir which means ‘lightening’ is the equivalent to Aries. Its runes are Berkana, Ehwaz and Mannez.

Tarot and Astrology

In the Tarot Aries is the King of Wands.

Type of Person
Ambitious, optimistic, energetic, direct, daring, headstrong, impulsive, idealistic, confident, capable but on the negative side; self centered, hot tempered, and impatient.

Type of Vocation
Planning, construction, development, building work, real estate, plus any area requiring leadership skills as they have the ability to work on their own initiative.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility

The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.


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