Astrology, Colour, and Your Health


Astrology and Colour Can Affect the Way You  Feel

Astrology, Colour, and Your Health

Colour and the medicinal use of herbs was associated with astrology by the ancient Egyptians and well established by the time of Hippocrates (460 BC) who said “a physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”. The birth chart with associated archetypes is a fine indicator of weak points that are generally common to astrological signs this gives the colour therapist an indication where stress and imbalance are likely to occur.

The use of astrology to link every planet and Zodiac sign to a particular colour reveals a great deal about yourself in this life such your personal colouring i.e. your hair, eyes and skin, and certain personality traits, but also indicates your general strengths and weaknesses. This applies to physical as well as emotional weaknesses, using this knowledge in healing we know where we are vulnerable and can take preventative action that prevent many problems from occurring. For brief details consult the chart below.

Aries Red Head and face
Taurus Red & Orange Throat and neck
Gemini Orange Lungs, arms and hands
Cancer Orange & Yellow Breast, chest, stomach
Leo Yellow Heart and spine
Virgo Yellow & Green Intestines & pancreas
Libra Green Loins and kidneys
Scorpio Green & Blue Reproductive organs
Sagittarius Blue Thighs
Capricorn Deep Indigo Knees
Aquarius Violet & Pale Blue Ankles and blood
Pisces Red & Violet Feet


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