Auras and Life Energy – Electrical Charge of a Human Body


The Charge of a Human Body

New knowledge about the properties of static electricity that make it clear why megalithic structures were built also offer the explanation of other not yet known phenomena. The construction of megaliths due to curative reasons is only a primary piece of knowledge. There are many hints that show us that people of those times new some way of increasing or decreasing the charge (energetic value) of human body. The current science presents that the charge on cellular membranes of a human body has a value between 30 and 80mV and that the capacity of the cellular membranes is 1µF*cm-2. Our medicine is not interested in manipulation with the values of the charge.

There are more hints in history that that show us how the charge of a human body could be altered. Other than energetically adjusted rocks these were also water springs that emerged from the ground. People have not missed that water emerging from springs has curative effects. Such a place was usually an incentive to establish a pilgrimage place and a construction of a sacral building. This building accumulated the static electricity of the water stream in its matter and people gained the energy from it in a similar way like with menhirs. In the same way as in Lourdes the pilgrim was cured at times. But a great majority registered a decrease in tiredness, better mood, etc.

However, the energetic curative effect of water is not permanent. If the water is not consumed at regular intervals its charge slowly disappears by transformation into smaller charges. The water keeps only the minerals in the same way as all natural waters that could be bought in a shop do. However, the energetic value (charge) could easily be returned to the water by shaking or by a contact with greater charges. But the curative effect cannot be quantified. It is probable that different people have different energetic values (charges) on their membranes and also need different minerals. Therefore, every individual probably needs different amount of static electricity in combination with various minerals.

The energetic and chemical interaction cannot be explained yet as well as the optimal value of charge of a human body. We are located in an energetic raster of various charges that always energetically affect us. However, we can get closer to the basic information by experimentally obtaining a great amount of statistical data.

We do not have to wait for a construction of a measuring device in order to manipulate with the charge of a human body. The constructors of megaliths also certainly used much simpler instruments so we will go in their steps and perform the identification by the use of a dowsing rod. The times when a dowsing rod was being infirmed are gone. The dowsing rod reacts to the same charge polarity with the long known repulsive force. The answer why it does not react in hands of every individual could be found in the not yet explained property of static electricity – the polarity of charges. It was the dowsing rod that made it possible to explore the mystery of megaliths and find the not yet known properties of static electricity. I do not doubt that the dowsing rod could be used in the first steps in the research of the charge on cellular membranes. This however requires obtaining statistical data from a great amount of experiments with the help of those that are interested in this problematic. I recommend to everyone who would be interested in such a collective experiment to first familiarize with the articles “Dowsing versus aura” and “Diagrams” at where I describe the technological procedure when identifying the charges.

The size of aura that copies human body is much easier to identify if the shape of the body is similar to that of a sphere. This could be achieved by sitting on a step and placing head on the knees. We can identify the radius with a dowsing rod and then calculate the volume of that sphere. However, we cannot ask people to sit on a step on some occasions e.g. when leaving a stadium. I have solved this problem by identifying the size of aura at the chest and then assuming that it is the same fraction of the total aura in all instances. This is reasonable for statistics and evaluation.

The size of aura is proportional to the charge on human cells and its easy identification makes it possible to control the energetic value of our body at all times. Therefore, I would recommend obtaining such statistical information in all situations. It can be found whether the bed we sleep on is in a harmful strong zone or not by identifying the size of our aura before we go to sleep and after we wake up. In this case, the size of the aura could greatly be influenced by a metal bed. It would also be interesting to identify the aura of passengers in various vehicles before and after the ride (or flight) as well as before and after visiting a place where many people meet together. Everyone would be surprised what alcohol does with the energetic of a human body even a long time after its consumption. It will not be less interesting to observe the aura on people that are addictive to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, by gamblers, homeless people, people affected by some long term illness (I have an information from a cancerologist that his most severely affected patients have aura of 15cm radius), etc. The information obtained could also be specified by including the information about sex (man or woman) and the age.

It will not be easy to approach the knowledge of ancient cultures about which we have had a wrong view. However, we can expect surprising results from further research.

November 2009
Miroslav Provod