Book Review – Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom


Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom:
Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings

By Rachel Pollack

Published by: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN-10: 0738713090

ISBN-13: 978-0738713090

Price: $15.99 or £20.69

Available from: Amazon.comand

Reviewed by Karen Hollis

Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack explores the Tarot from a serious student’s  perspective while retaining a deep appreciation for the mystery of Tarot. For experienced and novice Tarot readers alike, Pollack sheds new light on old meanings for the cards by turning the reader’s perspective like a Rubic’s Cube. She shows how what one person understands about the cards from an art or history perspective may give insight to how another person actually lays out the cards. Pollack helps readers of all levels gain insight through these multifaceted perspectives through the questions provided at the end of each Chapter.

I was particularly impressed with the depth of knowledge that Pollack possesses but more importantly her ability to convey that wisdom to novice and professional alike. Her description of the “Fool’s progress” as being the essence of the Major Arcana is one I have often seen myself, in my profession as a reader!  I also agreed with the way the author continued to expand upon the Major Arcana as dealing with the “large themes, and as the Minor Arcana as the scenes and characters from our lives.”  I also enjoyed Pollack’s description of the Court cards as “movie stars, fairy tales, superheroes, and noble worthies” and have often taught the Court cards in my classes as such, each card having their own personality and demeanor.

With regard to the chapter on “Readings,” it was refreshing to find such an esteemed expert on the Tarot emphasize “psychic spying” as being a unethical. This has long been an ethical foundation in my 25 years as a professional reader. At the same time, it is understandable that Pollack would agree to this type of reading only if it helped a person “move on” with decisions that they needed to make for their own growth.  However, I disagree with Pollack’s statement that it “probably won’t work” unless the person in question is there to mix the cards.  In my experience, I have found that all I need to “tap into someone” is his/her first name and full birthdate. Energy tapping is all the same – with or without the person present, in my humble opinion.

I have read hundreds of Tarot manuals in my 25 years of reading and teaching the Tarot Deck and Rachel Pollack’s “Tarot Wisdom” has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.  It will be a pre-requisite read for my advanced Tarot classes in the future.

Highly recommended!

About the Reviewer

Karen Hollis is a professional intuitive guide with 25 years experience. She is a sought-after Master Tarot Reader who works with clients from around the globe. She teaches the Tarot for Dream Interpretation in her Beginner Tarot class. Readings are by appointment, in person or by telephone: (860) 665-8024 ~