Capricorn – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Capricorn – Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Capricorn - Lovers Guide for Men and WomenCapricorn is an astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Capricornus. Under the tropical zodiac, Capricorn is occupied by the Sun from December 22 to January 19, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from January 15 to February 12. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac and associated with hard work and business affairs and the opposite sign to Capricorn is Cancer.

With Aries
This combination rarely hits it off or runs smoothly, Both signs have issues of control to deal with so it is a bit of a clash of the titans as they each struggle for domination in the relationship. However, as is sometimes the case this struggle can lead to strong sexual attraction if they can agree to meet each others overwhelming needs. Aries will have to let Capricorn be the boss in return for Capricorn feeding and massaging the Arien’s delicate ego, when this happens it can be a very fulfilling relationship achieving great things. There is usually a strong sexual attraction.

With Taurus
This combination is a safe haven as both are strong reliable and dependable with both having their feet firmly on the ground. As a result, they seldom have any financial or material problems to worry about, and while the relationship may not soar to great heights or have a deep emotional bond neither of them actually want it that way. Life is a fixed routine that just carries on without any great excitement but no disasters either. This combination is usually sexually in tune and they rarely get tired of each other even in their old age.

With Gemini
Communication is not a problem with these two but anyone else might have trouble getting a word in and while they may talk, it does not necessarily mean either of them are actually listening. Like everything else to do with Gemini there is a danger of either being overwhelmed by their emotions or totally detached. Activities outside the relationship are important, as are friends and entertainment, the sex gets off to an exciting start and may drop off after a while but given their lifestyle they may be too busy to notice.

With Cancer
Cancer and Capricorn are on opposite sides if the zodiac but both have strong similarities in their personalities. Both look for stability and material security in their relationships sometimes at the expense of meeting their emotional needs. There are however, issues, Capricorn can be a little too authoritarian and critical, can come across as weak and emotional but they can form a long lasting relationship if Capricorn is in charge of the relationship and family. This can be a long lasting relationship in which there are no sexual problems.

With Leo
This relationship is hard work for both concerned as they can be equally arrogant and stubborn and both think they are always right and know what is best. Both call the kettle black, Leo finds Capricorn selfish and mentally slow, while in turn Capricorn find Leo’s spur of the moment actions ill conceived and self centered. They often argue over money as Leo wants to spend it and Capricorn wants to save for a rainy day. This combination does however, make excellent parents and take pride in their children. Sex can work well and may offset other difficulties in the relationship.

With Virgo
Forget about spontaneity with this combination, everything Virgo and Capricorn do is planned with great care and precision nor is any decision taken lightly without full consideration of the issues involved. Despite all this logic and reason, they can both be prickly and emotionally irrational at times. These two are both work orientated and work hard but for that reason their relationship can suffer through sheer exhaustion. Virgo can excel themselves and go places with Capricorn and for that reason this can be a long lasting relationship where the sex can be good but can suffer from a bit of lethargy.

With Libra
Capricorn is one of those that Libra either likes or dislikes to the point of being hostile. When attracted Libra admires Capricorns air of authority, decisiveness and decision-making, while the goat admires Libra’s sense of balance and emotional control. However, this can be a battle between the miser and the spent thrift, therefore, there can be frequent and serious arguments over money. This couple can go places but their different values can make their home life a bit frosty causing them to lead separate lives. Sex is important to both and can be a binding aspect of the relationship.

With Scorpio
Capricorn is probably the best astrological match for Scorpio providing plenty of financial and emotional security together with being resilient, constant and emotionally stable. The only possible drawback in this ideal partnership is that Scorpio can find Capricorn a bit emotionally reserved leaving them feeling unloved and cold-shouldered. On the other hand, Capricorn can feel alienated and irritated by Scorpio’s emotional ups and downs. However, this combination can be very durable and long lasting with a good and fulfilling sex life.

With Sagittarius
Sagittarius is usually very attracted to the consistent, stable and practical qualities of their next-door neighbour in the zodiac and is usually the best Earth sign partner for the Archer. Sagittarius admires the Goats stalwart character and who in turn gets an ego boost from the Archers enthusiasm. While this may create a sense of balance this is a combination of the optimist and the pessimist and Capricorn’s negativity may in the long run grind down the Archer. On the other hand, Capricorn may well tire of the Archers irresponsibility and lack of consideration. However, sexual attraction is usually very strong and their sex life rewarding.

With Capricorn
This combination can either be at loggerheads all the way over every issue that arises or by working together they can support each other through thick and thin, in either case this is always going to be a hard working relationship. Usually both partners are status conscious and  work hard for an affluent life style and both like the good things in life but because of this they can lose out emotionally along the way. Some couples can have a hard time but grow stronger by going through adversity together but there can be a combination of good and hard times. This can be a long lasting relationship provided they have a good sexual relationship.

With Aquarius
The is the best astrological match for Capricorn mainly because they both have strong affiliations with Saturn. Much depends upon the Water bearer being the stable type which produces a sort of dual Capricorn partnership or the unpredictable footloose type which does not give the Goat the security they need in a relationship. Unless there are harmonious moons emotions can be a bit low key with both partners leading an independent life style. Sex depends on the above relationship, and can be one of two extremes either take it or leave or at it like rabbits!

With Pisces
This combination has much to offer one another; the insecure Pisces really appreciates the Goats strong and stable personality. Capricorn can in turn can learn from the fish a bit about developing their sensitivity and get in touch with their emotions. However, the main negative aspect of this partnership is that Capricorn may try to dismiss the Pisces’ hopes and dreams but only trying to be down to earth. On the other hand, Pisces can create confusion for Capricorn and undermine them with a bit of passive aggressive behavior. Sex can be good when things are going well.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility

The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.


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