Love Spell to Bring Back a Lover into Your Life


Cast a Love Spell to Bring Back a Lover into Your Life

Many of use wish we could bring back a lover into our life, despite what others may tell you its a natural thing to want to do and is part of the grieving process, so perhaps you need to do this either to make it work or to start the process of letting go. There may also be someone that you know that you would like to bring into your life and sending out positive thoughts just may help you do that. Some people maybe against such things but if you are already thinking about it you are in effect already doing it! So there is no harm in doing it in a positive way, but for best results there should already be a bit of chemistry between you and in that respect this spell can be used to reignite a failing relationship.

To start you need to read the post on how to Predict Your Future by Reading the Tarot by Pendulum Dowsing This tell you what you need to do before you start, familiarise you with the techniques involved, and give you some insight into what the future holds for you and whether or not your spell is going to be successful.

You need the following

  • A pack of Tarot Cards and an explainatary booklet.
  • 13 red candles, tea lights are fine just watch where you put them.
  • a pendulum which can be anything you can swing on a piece of cotton or string.
  • A red cloth for love or white for purity will do.
  • Create a positive atmosphere with other candles and incense sticks.

This is best performed at night before you go to bed and mutch of it has to be improvised by you according to what you feel is right. You need to relax and visualise the person concernd in a positive loving way, then from the Tarot deck selct the Lovers card, then selct two other cards one that signifies you and the other to signify the person involved, you need to take some time over this to get it as right as you can, this will also focus your mind on the task in hand.

Lay out the three Tarot cards in a row and then place the 13 red candles around them, if you have an image the other person hold it in your hand for at least 13 seconds concentrate on the person say their name out loud three times and then put it over the Tarot card.If you have an image of yourslef put it on you significator.

Pick up the Lovers card and spend as mutch time as you like imagining what it would be like with that person in your life, not just in an idylic sense but with everyday ordinary life. Make up your own spell using these words below as a guide, there are no right or wrong words as long as they are positive and said with genuine feeling while visualising life with that person. When you are ready put the Lovers back in the circle light the candles and say you spell slowly pausing between lines,

With these cards and with this spell

the images in my mind take take on real life

and my desires become will also become (persons name) desires

I call for (persons name) to come to me through the light of the flames

So we can give love to one another

Now and for always.

When you have finished concentrate on that person and then let them go, they have free will and if your feeling are reciprecated they will come to you.

Do not blow out the candles, use something to extinguish them


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