Colour Visualisation, Breathing and Affirmations


Colour VisualisationColour Visualisation, Breathing and Affirmations

Colour Visualisation
Your response to colour visualisation is greatly enhanced if can see and focus on the colour you require. The easiest ways of doing this is by looking at your computer screen or a coloured piece of card that you can buy from stationers or craft shops, the bigger the better from A4 through to A1 which you can hang from the wall.

Colour Breathing
Is a form of healing meditation in which you imagine yourself inhaling and exhaling colours. It should be practice with a positive frame of mind concerning the healing characteristics of colour you are visualising.

Colour Affirmations
The whole process is further reinforced by the use of colour affirmations that you make up yourself to induce a positive frame of mind by means of self-suggestion and are easy to make up yourself.

Simply identify the keywords you want from your colour choices and there corresponding healing or personality qualities, simply say something like I want the strength of red or I want the patience, peace and calm of blue.


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