Develop Your Psychic Ability with Herbs and Incense


Increase Your Psychic Ability Using These Powerful Herbs

by Tana Hoy

Psychic Herbs

Herbs possess marked qualities that render them ideal for many psychic endeavors and supernatural exercises. Coming out from the soil and nurtured with water and sun, they are wealthy in raw energies which provide significant aid in meditation and other practices. Herbs are very useful for many things, one of which is the enrichment of your psychic ability.

As you advance in your psychic ability, the use of some psychic herbs will be very helpful to you. Some herbs may adequately work when used as tea for drinking; some are more beneficially used as herbal incense, in stick, cone, or oil forms.

The following are just some examples of psychic herbs which can aid in building up your psychic ability.

Psychic Herbal Teas

Prior to the consumption of these herbal teas, check with your doctor. Each individual has his or her own medical background, so it’s only appropriate to ensure that your body will react well to the herbs that you take in.

When you are assured that you are allowed to drink tea mixed with these herbs, you may prepare a pot of hot tea for yourself. Choose what you like from the list below. These are just some of the herbs in tea form which can help increase your psychic ability.

Cinnamon – aids in improving your psychic ability by increasing your vibrational frequency

Mugwort – adds to your psychic ability by increasing your psychic awareness

Lemongrass – increases your psychic ability or psychic powers

Peppermint – advances your psychic ability by making your mind more keen to what is around you

Star Anise – aids in clearing your mind, making it more receptive to psychic visions

Celery – enhances your psychic ability by aiding in deep concentration and focus

These psychic herbal teas are most effective when taken leisurely in an isolated and quiet place. As you pour yourself a cup, keep your mind focused on the psychic herb’s effect.

As you take your first sip, close your eyes and visualize the warmth of the tea as the herb’s properties branch out to empower your whole being. After a while, slowly open your eyes. Continue drinking your tea slowly while thinking only of its desired effects.

Herbal Psychic Incense

Another use for psychic herbs is to enjoy their fragrance – the herbs may be in the form of incense sticks or essential oils infused with some water. You may choose to light an incense stick on a safe, fireproof dish. You may also place a few drops of oil in an oil burner dish, with some water to soften the fragrance.

The following is a list of some herbs which can help in the development of your psychic ability:

Mugwort – dried mugwort can assist in guiding you towards altered states of consciousness

Cinnamon – advances your psychic ability by intensifying your receptivity to the supernatural beings around you

Citronella – enhances your psychic ability

Honeysuckle – boosts your psychic perception

Rose – enhances your psychic ability

You can light or burn the psychic herbs before or during a psychic exercise or activity. You may also just do so when you simply wish to enjoy the scent. The psychic herbs’ energies also work just as effectively. The fragrance also makes a remarkable difference in your meditation – they help you focus.

A friendly reminder – confirm with your doctor if the herbs you intend to use will agree with your body. Don’t worry, there are lots of various herbs and flowers out there which can also be used for boosting your psychic ability. These are just some examples of what you can begin with. You can add to your choices of herbs and flavors as you go along.

About the Author

Tana Hoy has been giving psychic readings to many different people all of his life. He has also helped a lot of them in developing their natural psychic ability. Check out his website to learn more about psychic development