Eight of Cups – Tarot Love Relationship Outcome & Reversed


Eight of Cups - Tarot Love Relationship Outcome & Reversed

Eight of Cups – Love and Relationship Outcome

The Eight of Cups in a Tarot reading is about walking away from a disappointing relationship which is no longer of any concern and not as important as you first thought, its a matter of put it down to experience cut your losses and move on for something better.

In the reversed position
it means the opposite that you have found great joy and satisfaction.

Eight of Cups – As a Person, Outcome and Feelings

Leaving the house or home; changes in the family(-circle). Little chance to see one’s wishes and ambitions realised. Shyness, timidity; disorder and waywardness. Despondency, despairing of success. Mixed sensations, no strongly preponderant feeling, unless it be that of dissatisfaction. May be fair-haired girl. A. E. Thierens, [1930]

Eight of Cups

Pictorial Key to the Tarot – Rider-Waite-Smith
By A.E. Waite (1911), tarot card illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith (1911)


A man of dejected aspect is deserting the cups of his felicity, enterprise, undertaking or previous concern.

Meanings Eight of Cups in a Reading

The card speaks for itself on the surface, but other readings are entirely antithetical–giving joy, mildness, timidity, honour, modesty. In practice, it is usually found that the card shews the decline of a matter, or that a matter which has been thought to be important is really of slight consequence–either for good or evil.

Eight of Cups – Reversed

Great joy, happiness, feasting.

Additional Divinatory Meanings
Marriage with a fair woman.

Additional Meanings – Reversed
Perfect satisfaction.

The Tarot

By S. L. MacGregor Mathers, c 1888

Eight of Cups

Divinatory Meanings
Eight of Cups – A fair Girl, Friendship, Attachment, Tenderness.

Divinatory Meanings – Reversed
Gaiety, Feasting, Joy, Pleasure.

General Book of the Tarot

By A. E. Thierens, [1930]

Eight of Cups

Fair girl, honest, practical girl, honour, modesty, timidity, fear, sweetness, mildness. Reversed: Happiness, gaiety, great joy, feasting, public rejoicing. Also preparations and dispositions. Waite says it means, “Deserting the cups of his felicity.”

On the Fourth house the Water of the soul will be in its own element, so to speak, and will consequently rejoice in its existence, swimming in agreeable sensations, the family and the memory, as far as the personal life goes, playing important rôles in the life of the querent. The lunar and Jovian element passing over this house will almost certainly cause the home and family-life to be forsaken or relinquished; this perhaps may account for the interpretation: “Deserting the cups of his felicity.” We should prefer to substitute for “felicity” his family or intimate circle. Changes in home-life, be it for the better or for the worse. There cannot be much of order or rule in this combination, and disorder or chaos is threatened. The strong Cancerian peculiarities, such as shyness, timidity, prudishness, etc., may appear here, but we can see no reason for addictions like ‘great joy, feasting,’ etc. Feelings, sentiments, wishes have very little chance of becoming reality in this house, and this may be called the true reason for ‘leaving the house.’ The latter seems to us to be the proper meaning: either leaving the safe and comfortable home, or losing the chance to realise more ambitious projects. Being the eighth card of the suit, it may denote a girl, and cups are said to be related to the fair or ‘blonde’ type.

The Oracle of the Tarot – Exoteric Tarot

By Paul Foster Case (1933)

Eight of Cups
Note the Mercurial suggestion of the flying disk with its four wings, referring to the Qabalistic meanings of the number 8, Sphere of Mercury.

Time period
First decanate of Pisces, February 19 to 28th, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

Renunciation of material success for something higher; interest in psychical and spiritual things; strong emotions; charity and helpfulness; love of travel.

Momentary success, but nothing lasting; over-impressionable; erratic and unsteady emotions; meaningless change of mood and purposeless journeying; querulous disposition.


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