How to Use Feng Shui for Your Business’ Success


Use Feng Shui for Your Business' SuccessFeng Shui is a term that typically associated with the decorating of apartments and houses, especially bedrooms. However, you can also use it to create a productive and enjoyable workplace environment for everyone you work with. Read on to find out more about implementing this interesting and beautiful eastern philosophy.

Establish a Goal
Feng Shui is a fairly complex practice, so you can’t just say, “Oh, I am going to put some Feng Shui into my office today!” Instead, you need to figure out what your specific goal is in relation to this method . For example, are you hoping to make the employees be more driven to work, or are you looking to inspire customers to purchase more goods? Once you have established this goal, you can move on to the next step.

The Specifics

As mentioned earlier, Feng Shui is a wide field, and you need to have a specific goal in order to really figure out what it is that you need to do in your office space. Once you have defined that goal, start Googling “Feng Shui for better relaxation,” “Feng Shui for more motivation” or other phrases that fit what you want to do. Be sure you are using reputable sources for this information. Anyone can write about the art of Feng Shui, but only qualified and experienced people really know how to anticipate the obstacles you will face during implementation.

Target Audience
You also need to think about the people who you are trying to empower with Feng Shui. As hinted at earlier, you can look to ways to use Feng Shui to improve the experience of your customers or the experience of your employees. What is the ultimate purpose here? Think about the ratio of customers to employees in the area. In some workplaces, all business is conducted online, so you need to think about the ways that your employees are affected – maybe they need to relax after sitting at stiff chairs all day, or wake up! You could also find a way to balance these two extremes, as balance is an important component of Feng Shui.

A Team Effort

You want everyone to understand why you are decorating the office in such a manner. If this doesn’t happen, then your efforts are at least partially going to waste. Explain how the different elements that you have selected are designed to create a better environment for everyone’s success. By being open and honest, you might find that you have a Feng Shui expert in your office, and this person can really help you to craft a better environment. Remember, some people might not be in to the concept of Feng Shui. That’s fine, but encourage them to at least be respectful of those who want to use this art to develop a better workplace.

Gabe Hernandez writes about everything related to workplace betterment. His best work is about earning an Online Master’s in HR .