Free Tarot Love and Relationship Reading November 2013


Tarot Love and Relationships November 2013

Ace of SwordsAce of Swords

Seeing through and gaining clarity on what is wanted from relationship by both parties.  There may be a surprise when somebody tells the truth about what has been on there mind and in their heart and about how they feel.  This honesty feels positive as there is no more second-guessing what someone may or may not want.  Something that may have been suspected for a while around a relationship may be brought to light.

The HeirophantThe Hierophant

There may be a desire to move things on to the next stage. This could be eased forward by the clarity and honesty of the Ace of Swords.  Forming ideas and bringing forward which way to go next.  With this new found truth, the next stages of this can now be discussed.  Whatever the outcome of truth and honesty, it feels positive to know one way or the other the way things are going and where we stand.

Eight of Pentacles8 of Pentacles

Some work may be required in order to move a relationship on to the next level, whatever this may be.  This may even entail letting go of something, and doing the work required to do that.  It feels as though there is no more second guessing, and what we need to do becomes clear.  The truth is out, and now it is time to work with it, refine if needed and know what we have to do. This is about the setting in motion the ideas of the energy of The Hierophant.

Free Tarot Reading November 2013 – The Tower

The basic essence of The Tower can be a breaking down and clearing of obstacles and blocks, and my sense is of going through that process this month, but to me, it feels as though it comes in manageable, bit-size chunks. Continue reading…

Weekly Tarot Readings for November 2013

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