Gemini – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Gemini – Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Gemini - Lovers Guide for Men and WomenGemini is an astrological Air Sign, which is associated with the constellation Gemini. Under the tropical zodiac, Gemini is occupied by the Sun from May 21 to June 20, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from May 21 to June 20. The sign opposite to Gemini is Sagittarius. Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and associated with youth and versatility.

Myths and Legends

Gemini has an unfortunate reputation for having a split personality and being a trickster. That is because the twins have opposing perceptions of the world, one twin has in a spiritual sense their head in the clouds while the other has their feet on the ground. Being in the same place at the same time is sometimes confusing for Gemini’ and more so for others. The image of the trickster comes from their ruling planet Mercury, the trusted messenger of the God’s and is also known as Mercurious the medieval symbol for alchemy and deception. For these reasons, Gemini finds themselves in a disassociated state not sure which half to go with, however, the thing to learn is that extremes are along a scale with neutral ground in the middle, which can only be seen by looking at the whole picture.

The Dark Side

The Gemini has two dark aspects of their personality and often described as being the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the zodiac. The first goes with their youthful image, emotional immaturity can give way to childlike and irresponsible behaviour, which could lead them to using underhand tactics that sail close to the wind with criminal behaviour. The second is that they do tend to keep their personal life to themselves and will resort to ducking and diving or even lies to avoid being probed by anyone at depth least of all a psychiatrist. This is matched by an almost paranoid questioning of others people’s motives for sticking their nose into his business, we use the word his as its more of a male trait.

Gemini as Lovers

Gemini has a reputation for being a bit of a butterfly and as such does not like the idea of commitment and marriage, while they do not like being on their own, a long time with the same person can get a bit boring. Both sexes suffer from emotional claustrophobia and therefore need a certain amount of independence in their relationships if it is going to survive. They like to have some kind of hobby or interest outside of the relationship to give them some space outside of marriage, or in their case marriages. Not because of infidelity, their inability to deal with emotions is their weak point.

The Gemini Man

The Gemini man is always in motion never staying in on place for very long or he begins to get restless and starts to fidget. Tying him down to a relationship can be a problem but a full frontal assault on an emotional level is not recommended, as he will just make a run for it. While he can seem superficial, he does have a way of dealing with heavy emotions in a light-hearted way with a sense of humour to keep thing in perspective. He can be romantic but more on a flirty level rather than heavy drama, so if you want someone to sweep you off your feet or want an exclusive, emotional deep and intimate relationship then give him a miss. However, if you want to have a bit of excitement in your life and make boredom history then a relationship with Gemini man can have its compensations

The Gemini Woman

If you are looking for a dull compliant woman to run the home and bring up the children then stay away. While she can be a good mother and homemaker, the Gemini women can out think most people. She comes in two types; she either keeps her vows or flits from man to man. Repressed emotions can lead to her being moody and highly-strung as she battles with wanting to be feminine and yet wanting equality and respect for her intellect. She is very similar to the male with regard to romance, preferring to keep it humorous and light-hearted, she also values a bit of freedom to do her own thing outside the marriage and home. With the Gemini woman the need for knowledge, stimulation and excitement can sometimes override the need for security and remembers that she needs to be accepted as she is and that air signs need just that air!

Gemini Partnerships

Gemini’s tend to be easy going and can get along with most people provided they do not get too close for comfort, in that respect Air or Fire signs will give them the space they need.

With Aries
This is probably the best matching sign for an Aries as they both need challenge and gain stimulation from each other. Gemini is an intellectual match for Aries, and able to calm down their ability to make global issues out of minor incidents, on the other hand Gemini, enjoys Aries humour and intellect. Both enjoy variety and challenge. Where sex is concerned variety is the spice of life which with this combination can sometimes include others!

With Taurus
Gemini tends to be a bit of an airhead for the down to earth Taurian, and while there maybe an initial interest but finds the Gemini’s inconsistence difficult to deal with and does not take kindly to accusations of being dull and boring. Gemini likes to do things impulsively where as Taurus is slow and serious and only acts after a lot of consideration. Gemini must respect the Taurians need for routine and consistency while giving Gemini some space and air to breathe. Sexually things can be quite exiting but not the ideal sexual partners.

With Gemini
Communication is not a problem with these two but anyone else might have trouble getting a word in and while they may talk, it does not necessarily mean either of them are actually listening. Like everything else to do with Gemini there is a danger of either being overwhelmed by their emotions or totally detached. Activities outside the relationship are important, as are friends and entertainment, the sex gets off to an exiting start and may drop off after a while but given their lifestyle they may be too busy to notice.

With Cancer
These signs are neighbours in the zodiac but as far as temperament is concerned, that is all they have in common, they work on very different level. While Cancer is deeply emotional, self-protective, using feelings and instinct, Gemini however, uses reason and rationale and has no time for emotive argument. Despite this, they are attracted to one another and it can work if both have a sense of humour so that Gemini can cope with Cancers inhibition and moods and who in turn finds communication with Gemini difficult. The Sex can be quite wonderful.

With Leo
These two tend to get along well as Gemini finds Leo fun to be with and they both enjoy socialising however, there are underlying issues that can cause friction. Leo can be a bit too materialist and upwardly mobile for Gemini, then there is Leo’s tendency to be possessive and can feel rather insecure. The Geminian can become rather bored by Leo’s need for reassurance and praise. They may seem happy and often genuinely are but Leo can be too overpowering and stubborn for Gemini who may need to escape. Sex is no problem and is usually very good.

With Virgo
Both these signs are very intelligent, they just think in a very different way and on different wavelengths. Virgo has a tidy mind whereas the butterfly in Gemini flits from one thing to the next and as a result causes each other serious irritation. While these two can be highly attracted to one another and initially can work well at all levels but if the relationship is going to last they need other complementary factors otherwise they will simply push each other further apart as time goes by. Sex between these two is a reflection of the state of the relationship.

With Libra
This is one of the best partnerships for Gemini, as both prefer to keep things light and breezy with very little conflict. Both like a bit of romance and share the same cultural interests but it is a bit superficial and lacks any real emotional depth, if this suits both parties then it should be a lasting partnership. However, there are issues, the Libran may think that Gemini is taking them for granted and may get suspicious. On the other hand, Gemini may object to any analysis of their relationship any apparent lack of commitment. Sex between these two is not a problem.

With Scorpio
This is a very demanding relationship for both parties; Scorpio finds Gemini fascinating but the relationship has started they want to examine them in detail. Gemini finds the deep emotional aspects of Scorpio too much and takes a big step backwards so Scorpio may find Gemini somewhat distant with a lack of passion and interest. Gemini on the other hand may find Scorpio emotional needs prevent intellectual communication. Sex usually starts off very thrilling but as Scorpios emotional demands increase Gemini grows colder and more distant.

With Sagittarius
Sagittarius is Gemini’s opposite number on the zodiac and like a magnet, they can either attract or repel. The attraction is that neither has time to sit still as they both like to be on the move, neither likes being tied down so this can be an easygoing but superficial relationship, as they do not want to get into heavy emotional issues. This arrangement could mean a long lasting partnership, however, lack of a mutual commitment may mean it just drifts apart, especially when things get difficult or there is a crisis. The sex between these two is usually very good but not emotionally deep.

With Capricorn
This is one of the most difficult of relationship for Gemini, as neither party seems to accept or appreciate each other’s qualities. This is not an impossible situation but there is clearly an issue of control over Gemini but they can benefit from some structure and routine in their lives. On the other hand, it can be a good business partnership as Gemini can stimulate Capricorn on an intellectual level put their ideas and projects into action. Initially there can be a very strong and exciting sexual relationship between these two but may suffer in a battle for control.

With Aquarius
The main aspect of this partnership is that friendship comes first and lovers comes second and while they may consider themselves to be the best of friends brother and sister may turn out to be a better description. Both are an intellectual match for one another so things are never dull, routine or boring, they also like a bit or freedom to do their own thing when it suits them. However, some Aquarians can be a bit too dictatorial and stubborn for Gemini who may also resent being organised. Sex between these two starts off quite exciting but dies down as the friendship takes over.

With Pisces
Gemini is very attracted to the gentleness and sensitivity of Pisces but it is a question of being able to demonstrate leadership as both lack a sense of direction in life as well as in their relationship. As a result, these two can drift apart for lack of commitment and the ability to trust and communicate with one another in times of difficulty. Having said that if their problems can be tackled instead of avoided then they can build a rewarding and lasting relationship. Sex can be very rewarding and if they are in tune with one another, it hit the emotional heights.

Gemini and Sexuality

Gemini is not the most passionate sign in the zodiac, sex is only a part of their existence, it depends on the individual and can range from not being uninterested to occupying their thoughts throughout the day. With Gemini it’s the thought that counts as they spend most of their time thinking and talking about it rather than actually doing it. The natural curiosity of the Gemini finds its way into the bedroom and they tend to enjoy sex games and experimentation with anything new and exciting. However, they are also quite capable of sex without any emotional attachment whatsoever and also have a nagging feeling that there should be something more to it which can lead to trying to find out what it is with a number of different partners. Both sexes do not like routine or ritual as they find it boring, for them sexual adventure is the order of the day and they see sex as a means of developing and enhancing the changing nature of their relationship. Gemini’s have a reputation for promiscuity in order to seek constant change and to avoid commitment and their desire to stay young maybe reflected in a need for younger partners.

Crystal Astrology

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Birth Stones: Tourmaline and Agate

Gemini is an Air sign aligned to crystals to help communication and bring mental calmness, which is why blue agate will help concentrate the mind to give attention to detail and precise analysis instead of just skimming over the surface. Apophyllite helps Gemini see the truth and green tourmaline with help deal with the physical consequences of stress such as heart rate and blood pressure. Dendritic agate can help Gemini to remain focussed when distracted in confused and pressured situations.

The Runes

Ancient runic users did not adapt the Zodiac they used the Twelve Halls of Heaven instead. Hall of the goddess Freyja, Sessrumnir in Folkvanger which means “Field of Folk” is the equivalent to Gemini. Its runes are Inguz, Othala, and Dagaz.


In the Tarot Gemini is the King of Pentacles

Type of Person
Mental, versatile, adaptable, diverse, capable, alert, confident, studious, curious, enterprising, energetic, communicative, changeable.

Type of Vocation
Writing, directing, lecturing, fashion, arts, movies, radio, working with the public, and doing more than one task at a time.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility

The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.


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