Healing Gemstones – How to Use Palmstones


How to use Healing Palmstones

  • As the name suggests they are designed to be held in the palm of the hand, however they can also be carried in the pocket, placed nearby on a coffee table, desk, by the side of the bed or put under your pillow.
  • These stones work on the principle of their colour being a vibration that is absorbed either through the eyes or the aura, that means you do not nee to hold it or look at it to gain from its effect.
  • The beautiful pouch means you can take these healing gemstones with you where ever you go.
Healing Palmstones

Spiritually Charge with Positive Energy

  • First you must charge the gemstone with positive energy, this is easily done simply by focusing on the task you want to do such as balancing and healing the aura or chakras together with an affirmation something like; may this crystal balance and heal my aura or the the aura of the person you are healing.

Colour Therapy – The Healing Effect of the Colours

  • Choose which colours you need but remember that too much of any colour can be counter productive sometime you need the complimentary colour to enhance and balance your energy system. You will find all the colours listed below in the healing palm stones
  • Some stones are a mixture of colours such as red/orange that lie together on the colour spectrum so in effect you get two colours in one gemstone. I also refer to dark or a shade of the colour which have added black, and tints which have added white; these do have an effect on their healing qualities as dark colours or too much of one colour does tend to bring out the negative aspects, and tints have a gentle effect.
  • I have also included some of the personality and health aspects associated with these colours as we take on the personality of the colour according to different circumstances and physical needs; which is another reason for choosing the colour you need.

Red – Colour of the Root Chakra Our Life-Source for Strength and Energy.

  • The root chakra is the seat of our life source energy that gives us our strength, courage and vitality, which is why shade of red can become argumentative, too pushy and a bully.
  • Red is masculine energy that just goes for it, helping us face those situations that we know are going to be emotionally and physically tough, yet, it brings out our humanity and self sacrifice for others. Red is a great healer for it hangs up our emotional baggage. Good for furred arteries and the circulation but not for heart conditions.
  • Use red where there is an imbalance in your chakra, and you feel tired and sluggish. With light reds we have the power to heal emotional wounds, but you must learn the lessons and defend yourself in the future.

Orange – Colour of the Sacral Chakra Helps You Feel Better.

  • Beware of too much orange as it can be overbearing, depressive, lack vitality and paranoid. However, it produces a feel good factor, which is optimistic and friendly. Improves health vitality and creativity, it will strengthen your resolve and help to bring to the fore any unresolved emotional issues.
  • Known for its ability to treat people for shock, it lends emotional support in dealing with fears, phobias, shock, bereavement, and grief. Orange is related to the lower abdomen where it is useful for the kidneys, stomach, pancreas, bladder, and lungs, also relieves gall stones and ulcers.
  • Natures physical and mental laxative it clears blockages from constipation to releasing emotional blocks to creative energy, good for removing that block on starting that job you really don’t want to do. Tints of orange work on a much gentler level, it is always cautious and checks things are safe.

Yellow – Colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra For Stimulation.

  • Shade of yellow is not recommended as people who expose themselves to
    too much yellow can be critical and sarcastic, they run people down to make themselves look good.
  • However, it is the brightest colour in the spectrum, yellow is good for creativity as it stimulates your brain power to inspire new ideas and solve difficult problems. Full of fun but also a bit of a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next, it also keeps you awake so not for the bedroom or night time use.
  • Yellow is a great purgative that cleans toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system to fight illness. It can also give you a natural high, lifting depression and clearing negativity from the mind. Yellow tints help you cut through the crap to get to the heart of the matter, and then gets it ‘sorted’. Much used in the winter for Seasonal AdjustmentDisorder (SAD).

Green – Colour of the Heart Chakra For Harmony with People and Nature.

  • Shades of green are associated with being paranoid, hypochondriacs and greedy, as if that’s not enough they also struggle with jealousy, possessiveness and emotional upsets. they are literally green with envy.
  • Green helps you relate to people and the environment, it brings peace, harmony, and prosperity. Its good for affairs of the heart; its neutrality in the colour spectrum provides balance between yellow and blue enabling you to see both sides of an argument.
  • Green is the great healer for the heart both emotionally and physically, it helps with relationship difficulties and any psychological illness. Both relaxing and sedative it is good for the sympathetic nervous system, it will lower stress levels and blood pressure. Tint of green brings the shoots of fresh growth, and new adventures in love and life with child like enthusiasm

Blue – Colour of the Thyroid Chakra For Truth, Loyalty and Expression.

  • The most popular colour but too much blue can make you shy, timid, and afraid to speak out to say how you really feel. its a sign of being overworked and undervalued, used & put upon, a doormat learning life’s lessons the hard way. Too much blue can be a bit mind numbing and depressing hence the expression of having the ‘blues’.
  • Blue Brings out the values of  honesty and loyalty, together with contentment and understanding. It helps expression and communication so you can get your message across. Blue is the colour of the healer, it gives comfort to those in pain and reduces swelling and inflammation. It can also help with the grieving process.
  • Its calming effects can reduce blood pressure. If you have ear, eyes, nose, and throat problems, that may be caused by not being able to speak out. Tint of blue can inspire, support, encourage, and helps you to help others.

Indigo – Colour of the Brow Chakra For Using Your Intuition.

  • Too much indigo is associated with being a perfectionist and too idealistic to be practical so don’t get hooked or go too deep, you may get lost and lose the plot.
  • Indigo is the best colour for psychic protection and enhances psychic ability, it is the colour of intuition, our ‘third eye’ which is the link between this world and our psychic abilities, it is conscientious, devoted, committed, dogmatic, and has an all or nothing attitude.
  • Good colour for insomnia, the strongest painkiller in the spectrum; Its good for
    headaches, sinus problems, migraine. and excellent for any sort of chest complaint. Tint of indigo will awaken your instincts, but also keep your feet on this planet.

Violet – Colour of the Crown Chakra The Spiritual Messenger.

  • Shade of violet or purple is one of few shades that have a positive effect as it brings us down to earth when we get too self indulgent, and overbearing.
  • Violet is the colour that helps us pick up our intuitive voice or gut feelings that tells us what is happening, it puts us in touch with our spiritual creativity, and the gifts of artistic expression. The colour of the crown chakra is the healer of all problems related to the brain.
  • Violet is good for general inflammation of the nervous system, it relaxes the muscles, and helps sensitivity to pain and inflammation. Tint of violet has much of the strength and understanding of the full colour, but with a lighter buoyant disposition.

Pink – For Balanced Sexuality.

  • In the short term a shade of pink is good to balance love for others and yourself, however, to be able to forgive and love others you must love, forgive and accept yourself first. Too much pink over a long period of time can be counter productive.
  • It harmonises and balances the polarity of red and white or the male / female aspects of the personality, a sort of gender yin and yang. Both expressive and receptive pink puts you in touch with your sexual feelings and sexuality.
  • Pink is a very gentle healer for heartache, but healing will not happen without an emotional release. Visualising pink can defuse and bring calm to difficult situations. Tint of pink or rose pink is best for long term use concerning issues of heart ache, self love, self esteem, self worth, and self tolerance.

Grey – You Just Can’t Make Up Your Mind!

  • Shade of grey is the colour of the person who is looking for a solution and a way out of their quandary, but cannot decide what to do.
  • Be careful, grey people can also be monsters of indecision trying to avoid any form of confrontation or hoping people will make the decision for them and therefore relieving them of anyresponsibility. Yet paradoxically grey seems to attract the adversity it tries to avoid, as the self inflicted pain and misery only leads to a self fulfilling prophesy and get other people at each others throats.
  • On thebright side it does give you a warning that healing may be needed, grey is the only colour that warns you that there is something wrong, and illness and ailments are about to emerge, or something is going to fall apart. If you are used to black then grey is a sign that the dark days are over and you are now moving on towards the light on the horizon.

Brown Fertiliser for Growth!

  • Too much brown and you can get stuck in the mud! Embrace change & take a chance. Let go of the past, and make sure you don’t miss out on the new.
  • Down to earth, reliable and very loyal, but you are overly concerned about the past and future at the expense of the present. You have great patience and like a field waiting to be sown and harvested it has great unused potential.
  • If you are in the brown stuff take heart, it helps you let go of the past and provides the fertiliser for new growth. A good choice to make if you need comfort, or time out to take stock. Brown is a no nonsense colour for logical thought or study.
  • Light brown can make you you open to taking a risk, you work hard but will get there in the end.

Black – The Dark Side is Not all Negative

  • Despite the negative connotations associated with this colour black is good for you. However, too much can lead to you being only concerned with yourself, and can bring out your worst. Like a black hole light goes in but gives nothing out, hence all take and no give.
  • A mystical place to retreat for serious contemplation and to awaken psychic abilities. Secretive, dark, mysterious and definitely sexy, Yet it is also respectful formal and traditional.
  • Black can be a safe and comforting place to retreat to for short periods of time prior to rebirth. Problems can be put on hold while you can see the vices and virtues of your inner self. Black is all powerful, but to benefit from it you must balance it with some white.

Crystal – For Clarity, Purity and Cleansing.

  • Crystal is white light and has the colours in the spectrum combined into one, enabling you to see things clearly without your judgment being coloured!. White light brings light to dark places offering hope, equality, peace for all.
  • White light is a universal antiseptic, for both physical and emotional wounds. Cleansing of unwanted emotional baggage and helping you to move on. Also a great universal tonic.
  • Crystal will heal and strengthen the aura and remove negativity, with white light comes new growth and new ideas, expansion and creativity.

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