Healing Power of Music in Colour Therapy


Music as an Aid to Colour Therapy

By Trevor Mayes

Sound is the oldest form of healing and of that it is the sound of the mothers voice that is the most important. In the 80’s  Sony conducted research that showed sounds played to babies while in the womb influenced their behaviour. It has been proven that like animals human babies can detect their mother’s voice from other females and there is evidence that they can do this in the womb too. Other research has shown that babies can remember and recognise sounds from the womb a year after birth.

The Colour of Music

Each colour has a corresponding musical keynote which in turn resonates with the respective chakra and as follows.

Red Orange Yellow




C# D E F# G A B
Base Sacral Solar-Plexus Heart Throat Brow Crown


Forced resonance or vibration is simply caused by one vibrating object forcing another in close proximity to vibrate though sheer power even though it may have a different natural frequency. This can have a detrimental effect upon us things like loud poor quality music which makes me cringe is guaranteed to make me feel aggressive and flee the area or demand it be turned down. Similar oppressive vibrations from people forcing issues can have the same effect with the same result. That is why noise pollution can lead to physical violence.

Sympathetic resonance is the projection of sound vibrations that cause another object to vibrate as it has the same frequency, singers breaking glasses in one example as is metal vibrating to heavy bass sounds. We can experience a sympathetic resonance in our bodies in areas that have a similar vibrational frequency.  Playing music of the corresponding colour can have the same effect as the colour itself as it resonates with the respective chakra frequency.

I was playing Michael Bolton’s Drift Away holding the record sleeve and noticed it vibrated soon after the he started singing. I found the same thing happened with glossy paper so I analysed the keynote which was F#3 as there are I believe 6 sharps and 3 is obviously the middle one. I analysed Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Emily Wherever I May Find Her’ and the same thing happened the glossy paper vibrated, I analysed it and it was F#4 almost identical. On both occasions I could feel the music as being relaxing and a slight feeling in the chest as green relates to the heart chakra. Not sure if holding the paper increased the feeling I had. The paper obviously vibrated more strongly the closer I held it to the speaker and may be a sort of litmus test for the keynote of F#.

F# covers much of Simon and Garfunkel which I enjoy but I cannot say is my favourite it very much depends on my mood. I sometimes like rock most of which is C or C# which gives me a lift. To help me settle down to study I have found strings helpful especially air on a G string in the keynote of D which is orange and a feel good colour

Sometimes the clue to any ailment can come from the opposite star sign which have very similar keynotes. So as a Gemini I am F# and a Sagittarius is natural F and the forces of these two opposites can sometimes mingle in the body.

Natural Sound Frequency

We all have a natural sound frequency; the simplest way of finding it is by looking at the keynote of your star sign.

Star Sign Keynote Star Sign Keynote





D-flat majorE-flat major

F-sharp major

G-sharp major

A-sharp major












When under pressure our physical body pull on the subtle bodies leaving them weakened and vulnerable to attack. We no longer have the energy to tolerate normal pressures or disturbances to our system, so be become more aware and less tolerant of the things that we find stressful or hurtful. Noise also causes interference and distortion with our ability to communicate effectively, hence mixed messages and misunderstandings arise that can cause conflict.

While this is not ‘music therapy’ as such studies published in medical and musical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Lancet and the Journal of Music Therapy are finding that music can; reduce blood pressure, improve immune function, and decrease the length of hospital stays for both children and adults.


Rhythm is what gets or primal energies and instincts going, it stimulates the heart and flow of blood which may account for the expression rhythm of life. Ancient peoples have not only used the drum and dance to wind themselves up before battle but also as a form of healing to stimulate the base chakra which is coloured red.

Using rhythm for healing can be a group activity as there are what is know as drum circles which is simply a group of people making rhythmic music. Drum circles are becoming a popular form of complimentary healing in America and scientific research has proven that participating in drum circles increases the number of “killer cells” in the body. These cells are those responsible for seeking out and destroying specific disease organisms including AIDS.

The healing value of melody

Melodies can soothe emotional and mental distress for when the normal vibrational activity of certain body parts is disrupted disharmony or disease sets in. Research suggests music seems to override the disharmony in the brain that causes depression and other forms of emotional disorders and puts it back to where it should be. It helps discharge negative feelings, facilitates communication and increases socialisation with other people. This results in greater personal expression with resulting boost in self esteem

The medical benefits include use for the pain relief of cancer patients and behaviour problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease, a reduction in blood pressure, improved immune system functioning and faster healing resulting in a shorter stay in hospital. Melody is helpful for doing repetitive bodily functions where timing is important

Musical notes that are good for emotional balance and healing

Whereas C# is the keynote of the earths orbit around the sun, F# is the keynote of the spin of the earth and relates to what makes us humans the dominant species; the power of the mind and the attainment of intelligence, however with this ability comes problems from emotional disturbance to mental illness. The keynote F# relates to the air signs Gemini and Sagittarius which are F# and F respectively and sometimes these opposites are intermingled.

With analysing keynotes this can change from F to F# according to how the music is analysed so for this purpose I suggest that there can be some allowable variation in keynotes to have the same effect. Therefore a keynote on this scale should be aimed for as being best for any sort of emotional imbalance and healing.

The other thing I have noticed while playing around with traditional Japanese music for a website, is that stereo enhancement and adding a slight echo to string music has a very pleasant emotional effect. Perhaps it’s because it causes addition sympathetic resonance of the keynote but it does work better for me than the original music, although on poor quality speakers it can sound a bit tinny. Tempo is another consideration and something not to fast otherwise we miss the detail in the music and that brings me to make the point as a bit of an audiophile that good audio reproduction is an essential part of the healing process.

Instruments for the reproduction of F keynotes are stringed instruments such as guitars, violins, harps, piano, and the organ. The types of music are the folk rock of Simon and Garfunkel, rhythmic folk music, Irish folk songs, Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, Strauss’s waltzes, Brahms Hungarian Dances or any stringed classical music in the key of F to F#.

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