How to Tell if a Woman is Interested – By a Woman


A Mens Dating Guide – Written By A Woman

by Amy Chan

Recently I’ve come across a mens dating guide ebook that a male friend of mine purchased online. I had a quick read through it and found it to be amusing with the advise that was given within the guide.

One section of the book in particular had tips for guys on how to tell if a woman had any form of attraction for the man or not. The book spoke of methods and tricks on how one could decipher the innermost desires of a woman – it seemed to really over-complicate things. I decided to write this short mens dating guide to put a woman’s perspective on things.

So how can you tell very simply if a woman is interested in you without having any psychic powers, or worse using sneaky “covert ops” methods that seem almost childish to an extent?

The answer is very simple indeed. Talk to her. Pay attention to her. I’m sure most of you have heard the same line over and over again that what women want is for a guy to pay attention to what she’s saying – and this is the only “secret” that you will need to know.

On a first date you will want to talk about a variety of different topics to try and gather as much information as possible about your potential mate. So start off by asking her casually what she likes to eat, her favorite movies or books. Find out if she’s the active sort who likes sports and outdoors or if she’s the more passive kind who prefers quiet days at home and the occasional shopping affair.

By storing into your memory as much of these juicy bits of information as possible, you can use these as cannon fodder later on when you find yourself stone-cold with nothing to say. Trust me guys, she will be impressed with what you remember – it shows you’re genuinely interested.

Once you have done the following, she should start building up some level of interest in you. To what level is what you are going to attempt to find out.

The first sign of attraction or interest is by her asking the same things about you. As recent scientific studies have shown, humans tend to “mirror” each other when they feel a connection or bond between each other. If you believe that relationships are based on factors that are more than scientific, then simply ask yourself this:

If you had an interest in someone, wouldn’t you want to ask the same questions to find out more about her? Obviously you would.

During the conversation you should also pay attention to her eye contact. Is she attentive and focused on you while you’re talking or are her eyes wandering around? In this case you would not want to have the latter occurring.

Lastly, pay attention to her proximity to you and her body language. You don’t need to have years of experience as a body language expert in order to tell if she likes you. It’s easy! If she’s comfortable with being within half a metre of you, try and get a little bit closer and see how her body language changes. If there’s an attraction of any sort, she will be fine with this level of closeness.

Last thing to try is just a little bit of physical contact. Only during an upbeat conversation should you attempt to place your hand on her forearm, to emphasize a point. Do it naturally as though you’re trying to get the message across to a friend. Pay attention to her reaction, does she stiffen up? Does she flinch?

If she flinches, give it another shot in the next two minutes or so. On the first attempt she could have just been nervous because she’s a bit shy (and that’s a good sign of attraction guys).

If on the second attempt she’s comfortable with the touch, you can pretty much tell that she likes you (to what extent is uncertain but time will tell in most cases. I hope these really simple methods from a female point of view has been helpful to you in keeping things simple. The dating game truly is that simple and there is no need to over-complicate things.

Good luck and all the best!

About the Author

Amy Chan is a regular author and columnist for several online publications. She specializes in the categories of relationships, women’s health and toddlers. Her latest articles are written about baby girls dresses and toddler holiday dresses.