Knight of Wands – Tarot Love Relationship Outcome & Reversed


Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands – Love and Relationship Outcome

The Knight of Wands in a Tarot reading does not bode well in love or relationships as it’s based mainly on sentimentality rather than true feelings, there could be news from the past or concerning current projects. There are elements of household disruption that could result in a change of residence or even emigration. This may not be bad in itself however; they are in any case an unsettling influence.

In the reversed position he could be the cause of a feud bringing disharmony to your life in general and cannot be trusted with regard to your private affairs.

Knight of Wands – As a Man, Outcome and Feelings

(From the fourth house) A representative of the father, or of the family, a relative; a man visiting the house bringing new and perhaps disturbing influences into it, disturbing domestic happiness changes in the home, house or family; memories awakened, divulgation of family secrets or private matters; an intruder in the home. A man of doubtful though not necessarily bad character. (From the twelfth house): An investigator, occultist, explorer, sailor, traveller on the high seas, wanderer, a guide through strange experiences, vagrant Bohemian type, stranger and sometimes enemy or some one with whom the querent does not agree and from whom he will be estranged, however earnest his endeavours to keep friendly, because he speaks either morally or physically a foreign tongue. Translation, export, departure, change of residence, emigration, flight, absence, rupture, etc. Transmutation. Disturbing influences and people in general, which need not be bad in itself, and may even cause a revolution in thought. It brings unrest in any case. A. E. Thierens, [1930]

Knight of Wands

Pictorial Key to the Tarot – Rider-Waite-Smith
By A.E. Waite (1911), tarot card illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith (1911)


He is shewn as if upon a journey, armed with a short wand, and although mailed is not on a warlike errand. He is passing mounds or pyramids. The motion of the horse is a key to the character of its rider, and suggests the precipitate mood, or things connected therewith.

Meanings Knight of Wands in a Reading

Departure, absence, flight, emigration. A dark young man, friendly. Change of residence.

Knight of Wands – Reversed

Rupture, division, interruption, discord.

Additional Divinatory Meanings
A bad card; according to some readings, alienation.

Additional Meanings – Reversed
For a woman, marriage, but probably frustrated.

The Tarot

By S. L. MacGregor Mathers, c 1888

Knight of Wands

Divinatory Meanings
Knight of Sceptres – Departure, Separation, Disunion.

Divinatory Meanings – Reversed
Rupture, Discord, Quarrel.

General Book of the Tarot

By A. E. Thierens, [1930]

Knight of Wands

Young man, friendly. Departure, absence, flight, emigration, change of residence, desertion, transmigration, transplantation, transmutation, separation, disunion, rupture, discontinuance, brouillerie, discord.

The workings of Air by a special and mighty agent–for this the knight is in all cases–on the houses of water, here the Fourth and the Twelfth, causes turbulence, motion, emotion (though it must be borne in mind, that it is not emotion in itself); the action of the air on the water causes waves. In the case of the fourth house the knight relates to family matters or household conditions, eventually the father, to internal conditions in society or groups of people. It must further relate to memories and the past in general, because it means the awakening of the sentiments. The traditional conclusions have been drawn evidently in the negative for the greater part, in consideration of the fact that the sentiments generally are misleading. That they give reason for many changes is quite true. In the case of the twelfth house this is much the same. But extending its result over a much larger circle, the mercurial knight may represent expedition and exploration, discovery, scientific or practical, emigration, estrangement, and the ‘great work’ of transmigration. It denotes a searching for the unknown, which in weak personal cases may appear as indiscretion or premature revelation, divulgation, profanation, etc. We do not see why this knight should be either young or friendly. Quite the reverse: On account of the twelfth house there is something inimical about him, and a certain dissension of sentiment may find its cause in the past, in a family feud or something in the nature of a misguiding prejudice, tradition, which will have to be given up, etc.

The Oracle of the Tarot – Exoteric Tarot

By Paul Foster Case (1933)

Knight of Wands
The ankh in the triangle symbolizes the union of positive and negative forces, and corresponds to the letter Vau in IHVH. The card represents the influence of the world of ideas upon the astral body, and also the idea of the astral body in the archetypal world.

Time period
From the beginning of the third decanate of Scorpio to the end of the second decanate of Sagittarius, or from November 13th to December 11th, representing the combined influences of Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Sagittarius.

An active, generous, impetuous, quick-moving man, younger than the King of Wands. Secretive, probably interested in the occult, somewhat psychic and mysterious. Friendly to the Querant, and may bring him news relating to his enterprises.

He will be evil-minded, false, cruel, bigoted, brutal, unfriendly to the Querant and dangerous to his affairs.

Yellow, or yellow-auburn hair. Blue-gray eyes. This key sometimes signifies departure, or change of residence.

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