Leo – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Leo – Lovers Compatibility Guide for Men and Women

Leo - Compatibility Guide for Men and WomenLeo is an astrological Fire Sign, which is associated with the constellation Leo. Under the tropical zodiac, Leo is occupied by the Sun from July 23 to August 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from August 17 to September 16.

The opposite sign to Leo is Aquarius. Leo’s, like lions, they are thought to be strong leaders.

Myths and Legends

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun and has the lion as its symbol, the sun of course is the centre of the solar system and all other planets including the earth revolve around it. Therefore, Leo has a tendency to be self-centred and likes being the centre of attention when they have an audience. Like the lion, they assume a regal and self-glorifying attitude with an over inflated view of their importance and effect on others. However, the sun also symbolises the true self which given their difficulty accepting a father figure, and for this reason they often find them selves in conflict with authority. This results in Leo delaying their maturity while they search for a true father and the hero inside themselves, Leo must understand this drive for self recognition and the need to succeed otherwise they can be insufferable.

The Dark Side

The dark side of Leo is one of the best known in the Zodiac and it relates to the lion being the king of the jungle. Leo is to be obeyed, known as the king syndrome they want to rule in an autocratic style with no questions asked, and no debate, arguments or negotiation and do not mention it again ever. In that respect, Leo can be a bully trampling over the feelings of others. Leo sees other people as an extension of themselves and never an equal; they can be generous but do not accept gifts as to do some would make the giver their equal. Leo has an annoying habit of knowing not only everything and that includes what is also best for others.

Leo as Lovers

Love is a regal event for Leo and must be big and bold with a touch of the dramatic; while their partner must meet with acceptable standards in no way would they be allowed to upstage them. They are very generous with the gifts they offer their loved one but are usually for show so others can admire them. Despite this, Leo is the ideal lover with the ability to make a love affair seem magical and very special but in return expects total loyalty and fidelity fitting of a king or queen. While chivalrous, Leo is a jealous cat to which any betrayal is deeply wounding.

The Leo Man

The Leo man lives up to the image of the lion in that they are larger than life, flamboyant and charismatic with an ability to sweep women off their feet, and even if they are not highly successful or particularly handsome, there is something about them that women find fascinating. There are some introverted Leo’s but do not be fooled underneath they are still lions and always have an underlying self consciousness as if life is a stage and they are always playing to an audience. In that respect they are not love and often resort to grand gestures, gifts or exotic holiday destinations. While Leo can make women feel very feminine, woman’s lib does not fit well with the Leo male who has an archetypical male identity and believes that women should also fit in with social stereotypes. This means their life should revolve around his and not only includes being the homemaker, they can be resentful of a woman having a successful career.

The Leo Woman

The Leo woman like the female lion is queen and expects to be treated as such, they are highly competitive particularly with other women and need to achieve in everything they do. The Leo woman must have her own stage in order to play the leading lady otherwise they may spoil your own performance! Given the need for Leo woman to be in control they are afraid of dominant men that may detract from them being in the limelight. They are often seek indecisive men who worship the ground they walk on so they can be the strong one and make all the decisions, but they want it both ways as they blame their partner for being weak when it suits them. The important thing is for Leo women to have some independent aspect of their relationship in which she can shine; when her needs are met, she can be both loyal and generous towards those she loves.

Leo Partnerships

Generally speaking people either love or hate Leo’s who would benefit from the pliability of Water and the support of Earth signs. However, they often go for the less restricting and fun Fire and Air signs.

With Aries
There does tend to be a battle of the egos in this relationship with both calling the kettle black in thinking and saying the other is overpowering, overbearing and insufferable. However, if this problem can be resolved then it can be a very exciting, lively and loving partnership. When things are going well they can be very generous to each other. Both signs place a lot of importance on sex and the physical side of the relationship, which seems to be a litmus paper for how well they are getting on.

With Taurus
This combination is highly attracted to one another as both like the good life, Leo has the sort of flamboyant style that appeals to Taurus but the major obstacle to happiness is that Leo can also be just as difficult and reluctant to move as Taurus. If this problem can be resolved then they could make a lasting partnership but it will require some compromise on the part of Taurus to let Leo have their own way for some if not most of the time. Sex is a major part of this relationship, which can be very passionate, high in quality and frequent.

With Gemini
These two tend to get along well as Gemini finds Leo fun to be with and they both enjoy socialising however, there are underlying issues that can cause friction. Leo can be a bit too materialist and upwardly mobile for Gemini, then there is Leo’s tendency to be possessive and can feel rather insecure. The Geminian can become rather bored by Leo’s need for reassurance and praise. They may seem happy and often genuinely are but Leo can be too overpowering and stubborn for Gemini who may need to escape. Sex is no problem and is usually very good.

With Cancer
This can be a well balanced partnership if the Cancerian is female who would be drawn to the warm outgoing nature of the Leo man who in turn would feel needed by the female crab. Problems arise if Leo thinks they are superior and look down upon Cancer taking them for granted and treating them like a servant. In response Cancer must occasionally stand up to Leo and meet them head on instead of adopting devious tactics to achieve their objectives or to fight back. Honesty is an important issue for these two. The sex can be very good if they can achieve harmony.

With Leo
This is usually a good combination as they both understand each other very well and both blame each other for their own tendency to be bossy and stubborn. Both like to be centre stage which can lead to theatrical jealousies and frequent showdowns in their relationship, having said that they are both feel secure and are very loyal to one another. However, they need to curb the spending and extravagance for which they blame each other. Sex is good as both like to demonstrate their affection or one another as much and as frequently as possible.

With Virgo
Temperamentally these two have very little in common but once they get over the first hurdles, Leo and Virgo can build a good relationship. The problem is that Leo likes to cut to the chase while Virgo likes to think it all over and analyse everything before they act. This can be a cause of continual conflict or make a good complementary partnership where Virgo is the backroom organiser to Leo’s extrovert upfront personality. Unfortunately, Leo tends to underestimate and take Virgo for granted, its not until they realise that they have gone do they realise that there is a problem. It may take time to establish a satisfactory sexual partnership.

With Libra
This is the best partnership to provide a sense of balance for Leo’s unconquerable personality, for while they measure up to Leo’s high standards in a partner they are also very tolerate of their immature behaviour and ego needs. The combination is very sociable and may need the company of other to make this awkward relationship work. Libra can be cool and detached while Leo likes to reach the passionate depths of a relationship, which can be a bit much for Libra. Strangely, as far as sex is concerned these two bring out the best in one another.

With Scorpio
At first Leo finds Scorpio’s mysterious ways and unfathomable depths captivating. However, Leo who tends to wear their heart on the sleeve, likes to be open and spontaneous, and after a while finds Scorpio’s moods and manipulative behaviour extremely frustrating. On the other hand Scorpio who tends be very secretive finds Leo rude abrasive and selfish. If these two can give themselves some room for manoeuvre and learn to communicate and compromise both can learn and benefit from each other. There is a strong sexual attraction which when good is very good but when it is bad it is awful.

With Sagittarius
Leo finds fire sign Sagittarius extremely good fun and both like to do things is style. And is a good combination for friendship. However, it is a fair weather relationship that is also dependant on the money to enjoy himself or herself, once which runs out the relationship tends to suffer as they then take out their frustration on each other. As far as an intimate relationship goes, the main problem is that Sagittarius finds Leo too possessive while Leo finds the foot loose Archer lacks commitment to the relationship. Both place a heavy emphasis on their sex lives but may fail to hit the spot!

With Capricorn
This relationship is hard work for both concerned as they can be equally arrogant and stubborn and both think they are always right and know what is best. Both call the kettle black, Leo finds Capricorn selfish and mentally slow, while in turn Capricorn find Leo’s spur of the moment actions ill conceived and self centred. They often argue over money as Leo wants to spend it and Capricorn wants to save for a rainy day. This combination does however, make excellent parents and take pride in their children. Sex can work well and may offset other difficulties in the relationship.

With Aquarius
These two are often greatly attracted to each other but it is a case of opposites attract until the negative sides of their personalities take over. Selfishness, obstinacy, and a power struggle get in the way of a successful relationship as they not only make a habit of blaming each other for their own faults, they cannot let anything go as each has to get the better of the other. However, both like a stimulating challenge, but, they must find common ground and learn to tolerate each other if the relationship is to last. Sex is can be a victim of their emotional differences.

With Pisces
Leo sees Pisces as something of a challenge to understand their ways and put them straight; on the other hand, Pisces wants to pour cold water over Leo’s extrovert nature. On the positive side Leo can inspire confidence in Pisces who in turn can put Leo in touch with the gentler side of their nature. This however, can be seen as something threatening to Leo who takes a big step backwards. Leo also finds Pisces impractical and chaotic a frustration. However, with the right aspects in their planets, this can be a sensitive and loving partnership, and when in tune this can be a sexually fulfilling relationship.

Leo and Sexuality

Leo does not do this by halves and that includes love and sex whereby they want the biggest and best, the most wonderful experience possible, being a bit on the side or one night stands are not for them. Leo’s need to be loved and that drive can push them into relationships before they are fully aware of the consequences. Leo easily falls in love and has a reputation for being highly sexed as they like to express their emotions in a physical way as often as possible. The female Leo is sexually responsive and emotionally warm and loving; however, she needs to be highly attracted to someone before she will have sex, and when she says no she means it. Most Leo women see sex as a very important part of any relationship, but they have a reputation for being the most calculating when it comes to sex, love and marriage. The male Leo loves the company of woman but does not relate very well with his feminine side as he relates gentleness and sexuality with vulnerability and weakness. Therefore, he sees any criticism or rejection as a threat to his masculinity and may seek a bit on the side to boost his ego, but both Leo men and women are usually very faithful to their partners.

Crystal Astrology

Ruling Planet: The Sun
Birth Stones: Tiger’s Eye and Ruby

Tigers or Cats eye will provide Leo with energy and help express themselves in a positive way. Leo being the Sun will respond to all yellow crystals but Citrine in particular will help keep him or her energised and mentally alert. Ruby will help bring out leadership qualities with generosity and enthusiasm. Leo likes to be noticed and there is no better way to do that than to be dripping gold and yellow coloured crystals.

The Runes
Ancient runic users did not adapt the Zodiac they used the Twelve Halls of Heaven instead. Breidablikk which means ‘Broad Gleaming’ is the equivalent to Leo. Its runes are Uruz, Thuzisaz, and Ansuz.

In the Tarot Leo is the Queen of Wands

Type of Person
Affectionate, generous, loyal, adventurous and fun loving, dramatic, daring, impulsive, passionate, honest, proud, egotistical, aloof, haughty.

Type of Vocation
Artist, musician, actor, entrepreneur, fashion, sports, creator, and any type of job where they can be top dog.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility
The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.

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