Lightworkers – Why Are They Broke?


Why Lightworker Folk Are Broke  

by Lauren C. Gorgo

I have been meaning to write this article for quite some time, but only now does it seem pressing that I address this all-consuming topic of lack. By far, the most common question I receive from light-workers has to be…"Why is there no financial flow in my life?" And the answer is always the same…"you are not fully aware of and grounded in your power".

While I have many thoughts on this topic, I will begin with the most obvious…conditioning. There is an obscenely challenging energetic paradigm that has built up so much momentum over centuries that is finally coming to the surface now to be transmuted. This is the old religious-based, and therefore societal-based, belief system that the work of spirit should somehow be free. Hogwash.

Now, personally, this concept of lack holds no weight with me (though I have been affected by it) and for two reasons…One is that I don’t believe in "the work of spirit" and two, even if I did I don’t believe in uneven exchanges of energy. Bottom line is, to live a balanced and healthy life you must give and receive equally. Period. Light-workers seem to really be conflicted with this idea…and because of this, they often give away their time and energy with no return which attracts those very same people who believe in the same ideals and the mirroring saga continues….

Bad Idea. Does your accountant do your taxes for free? I doubt it. This is because your accountant has put in the time, energy and education to supply you with a service. Have you? THEN CHARGE FOR IT! And base that charge on what you offer and what you need to sustain yourself and you will attract just that. Don’t charge based on what you "think" people will pay, if you do, you will undoubtedly attract it.

The starving artist/healer was so 1990’s. The shift happened, we are needed, and people recognize (or don’t) the hard work involved in healing ourselves so we can heal others. So if you do not charge for your precious and hard-earned services and gifts to the world, then guess what? Someone else will. And why is it ok that the pharmaceutical industry charges people to poison their bodies while healers freely give away the tools of truth and wellness? Makes no sense to me. As I see it, the more money that lightworkers possess the more possible it is for the world to evolve. As long as we are a money based society, and the money (power) is in the wrong hands, the world will continue to falter. We need to feed the economy with things that matter, and this begins with each of us.

Additionally, this thing termed "the work of spirit" and even the term "light-workers" somehow rubs me the wrong way. I mean, I get the concept but the truth is, it seems separatist and if "workers of the light" are here to heal via unity, then why do we need a term that suggests we are different? I mean, is anyone here not working with light? Isn’t light what animates our flesh? Whether your a healer, a carpenter or a dominatrix, your still working with light. I mean, sure, we are all working with different levels of light, but light nonetheless. Because of this, I would like to clarify that these terms may in fact be creating the division that is disconnecting so many "light-workers" from society, and therefore, from financial flow.

Another problem as I see it, is the term light-worker is too often synonymous with energies like "sacrifice, piousness, selfless-service, charity, dutifulness, righteousness, GUILT and ultimately poverty." In a word… outworn. In two words…religious dogma.

Now I am not bashing religion here because religion serves its purpose, but what I am bashing is the old and outworn thoughts associated with social repression. These energies are what we are here to bust, to break through and to rise above so we can achieve true abundance. (aka our birthright for those of you who may have forgotten) When each light-worker individually comes to a level of knowing that poverty does not equal piety, abundance will be normal and accepted.

In fact, when I think of the true light-workers of the world, I think of those people who are walking the talk… I think Oprah. Lets redefine the term for a hot-minute… First of all, when I think of the term light-worker I think POW! I think divine ideas GROUNDED and put in ACTION. I think of balanced energies of receiving cosmic inspiration and then DOING something with it. The proverbial Magician of the Tarot. Some people that come to mind for me are of course Oprah, but also people like Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsch, Louse L. Hay…the list goes on. Now I ask…are any of these folk broke?

Nope. And not because they ain’t doing good for the world, I’ll tell you that. The only difference between them and "light-workers" is they busted through the matrix of limitation, self-imposed doubt and GUILT instilled from a society based in lack consciousness. And that is what "light-workers" are being called to do now.

Time to get up off your rumps and do something about your financial lack. Already doing something? Well then time to find the courage to do more than believe in yourself, time to know your worth. The more you know your worth, the more you put yourself out there and the more you attract… so put your plans in action and ground all of that amazing light that you have worked so hard to attain. Got ideas? Great. Are they in action? If not, they are no use to anyone, especially you. Think of the last decade of your life…did you do all that clearing, cleansing and density dropping to sit in debt? I think not. That is not what we are here to experience. We are here to experience it ALL, in all ways. So if your tired of just surviving, try something different. Try wealth.

When you put yourselves out there not only will you overcome financial depravity, but any fears of been seen and heard. Most of these fears come from outside of you and you can rise above them. But you HAVE TO put yourself out there…no ifs ands or buts. Most light-workers I talk to have brilliant (and very needed) ideas…but sit around waiting for this magical moment to transform their physical lives. Ain’t gonna happen. You want change, make change happen. That is what it means to be in a body…to DO. We have become so accustomed to BEING, that many forgot the amazing aspects of doing (and benefits I might add).

And lastly, if you want money… then learn to love it! I love money. I am a spirited entrepreneur and my background before "light-work" was always connected to business in some way. I designed, developed, implemented, owned, operated and sold businesses. Now I am expressing another aspect of myself through my conscious connection with Source, but guess what? I still love money! I love the ease that money brings into my life and the life of my family. I love eating organic foods, feeding my pets organic foods, living in a beautiful home surrounded by nature, buying green products, eating out when I am too tired to cook, going to the Caribbean when I want to swim in pristine waters, traveling and learning from other cultures, giving money and gifts to the people and foundations I love, taking responsibility for my health outside of government/corporate funded healthcare, and on and on. I love the freedom money brings… Does this make me less of a "light-worker"? You decide.

Point is, to live a life of self-sovereignty and personal freedom you need money, at least for now. And lots of it. Becoming independent means just that…letting go of any dependency upon anything outside of yourself for sustainability. Providing yourself with a constant stream of prosperity is necessary for the evolution of earth and her inhabitants. This all comes down to energy, and when you are fully embracing your god-self, there is no such thing as lack. You are the magnet for your potential. To magnetize abundance you must be abundant in your thinking, feeling and being.

Most of all, you have to ground your soulular potential into the physical dimension and create the life you dream of with your new awareness and personal power. This is what the ascension is all about and what you have worked tirelessly for. One person at a time, finding, actualizing and implementing your passion and power so you become a divine beacon of light and inspiration for others. Doing what you love does not mean you must sacrifice prosperity…contrarily, when you have merged all aspects of yourself and are truly doing what you love, you are finally in a position to have it all. But only if you allow it.

The world is ready for your light now, so come on out and play. Make your dreams real with your heads, hands and hearts. Then take it to the bank.

In gratitude,

"Thinking with your heart is a direct route to your unlimited potential. It is the art of manifesting your deepest desires through a divine connection with Source and the deliberate use of the Sacred Universal Laws by maintaining a frequency of love, joy and gratitude to attract the reality where miracles become common place. Realigning with this intrinsic power is the lighted pathway to earthly success where limitless joy awaits us all."

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