New Age Infographic


This infographic represents the extent to which new age beliefs have spread into American society over the last 50 years and the trend appears to be growing. There is a massive jump from 22% experiencing a spiritual awakening in February 1962 to 49% percent in August 2009.   However, there are questions about whether or not it is a phenomenon of the baby boomer or ‘hippy’ generation as fewer young adults and seniors hold fewer new age beliefs or have had supernatural experiences.

All statistics can be interpreted in a number of different ways but there are some that stand out such as 20% of females as opposed to 10% of males consult a psychic. Blacks and Hispanics have more supernatural experiences than whites but are less likely to resort to fortune tellers.

Education is also a factor, college graduates are less likely to have supernatural experiences than those with some college experience or finished high school or less but are more likely to consult psychics or fortune tellers.

There is also a political divide with Republicans and Conservatives well below other political groups with regard to experience and psychic consultation, while the Independents are somewhere in between.

A significant minority 16% of Americans believe in the “evil eye” or the ability to cast spells that could cause bad things to happen to people, whether this is a new age phenomenon or old age superstition is an arguable point.

Trevor Mayes – Owner of the New Age Blog.