New Age Tarot Meanings Pt2


Tarot Cards Meanings for the New Age

Tarot Meanings and Time II

Through the Tarot lens we have access to all kinds of information in symbols and metaphor and so we continue our mystical journey of wisdom with the Major Arcana…

The Lovers

Keywords: Choice in love, values, decisions

The Lovers brings up the differences between love and lust and asks us to make the choice between them. We choose who we love, how we deserve to be loved and how we express that love in all our relationships – romantically or otherwise. Acknowledging our own personal values and needs is the first step to loving ourselves and only then can we accept that we deserve to be loved by someone of worth.

Blockages can show up as disharmony in relationships and irresponsible choices. Dishonouring our feelings leads to low self- esteem and depletes our energy.

Invoke the Lovers at the time of the waxing moon to call love in all it’s forms into your life and heart. Carry the card to boost your magnetism!

Banish any lustful and inappropriate crushes or infatuations that are going nowhere with the Lovers and the waning moon.

Affirmation – I am true to myself and make loving choices!

The Chariot

Keywords:  Impulsion, direction, self-controlled action

The Chariot is the influence behind an action or process and signifies the harnessing of our aggressive and competitive natures and the channelling of these animal instincts in a positive direction. Inner and outer conflicts can be solved with self-control and the determination to succeed.

This is the  key to progress on any physical or spiritual pathway. The Chariot’s message is loud and clear:  Keep your eyes on the road, a hold of the reins and drive on!

Blockages can appear as distractions that take us ‘off course’ and away from our true purpose. Aimlessly drifting through life, driving ourselves or others too hard and uncontrolled aggression is a reversal of Chariot energy.

Invoke the Chariot with full moon power for gruelling schedules and improved self-discipline in any project. The ‘full steam ahead’ energy will motivate you to succeed!

Banish any bad habits that take you off course and any inner conflicts or struggle with the help of the Chariot and the dark side of the moon.

Affirmation – I move forwards and stay on course!


Keywords: Ego, courage, compassion,

The card of Strength represents all that is needed to tame the beast of the ego within us as it shouts: What about ME! The ego can be proud, jealous, angry and full of it’s own self importance.  It can be a destructive force if we allow it to be. The appearance of Strength indicates that with awareness and courage we can channel these powerful emotions to become a source of inner strength that leads us to compassion and tolerance on all levels.

Blockages can show up as cowardice and acting out of ignorance. Rage rears it’s ugly head as a reminder to face one’s own fear and turn it into courage to overcome difficulties.

Invoke the card of Strength with the waxing moon for perseverance and the power of endurance. It will strengthen you to act with renewed conviction in any pursuit!

Banish with the waning moon to dispel any weakness of character such as emotional cowardice or un-forgiveness.

Affirmation – I consistently act with courage and conviction!

The Hermit

Keywords: Retreat, self-awareness, meditation

The Hermit represents the search for inner knowledge through solitude. He highlights a time to withdraw from a situation, a need for personal space and introspection. His presence is a clear indicator that the questioner has all the answers and doesn’t need outside help. Retreat into the silence, reflect and wait patiently, accepting that change is inevitable and the answers will come.

Blockages can show up as fear of isolation and inability to accept change. Also, struggling with outside influences when they do not resonate with one’s own vibration can be a reversal of Hermit energy.

Invoke the Hermit with the dark side of the moon to allow yourself to withdraw from the mundane and let the magic in!

Banish all feelings of isolation and fear of change with the Hermit and the waning moon.

Affirmation – I find my own way in my own time!


Keywords: Balance, healing, tolerance

The healing energy of the Temperance card represents a harmonious balance between the head and the heart. Moderation and keeping a balanced perspective in all aspects of life will allow the process of good health to unfold naturally and the blending of ideas with right feelings and actions leads to success.

Blockages appear as excess and overindulgence which can lead to addiction if not addressed. Any emotions which are not allowed to flow can become stuck in depression or erupt in anger and violence.

Invoke Temperance with full moon energy to bring about calm, vitality and the flow of healing into your life.

Banish all addictive behaviour, negative emotions and exhaustion caused by excess with dark moon energy and Temperance.

Affirmation – I am in the flow of balance and wholeness!


Keywords: Fairness, rational thinking, high ideals

The scales of Justice represent balanced and clear thinking based on the principles of truth and fairness. The need to weigh up one thing against another and taking responsibility for how we act is the message that Justice brings. Rules and regulations, legalities and official concerns are highlighted with the appearance of this card.

Blockages show up as hasty decisions without enough forethought, illogical and irrational behaviour. Stuck in narrow-mindedness, an opinionated viewpoint and taking the law into one’s own hands can all be indicators of reversed Justice energy.

Invoke the energy of Justice with the waxing moon for guidance with any decisions and help with understanding karma related issues:

~ And ever mind the Law of Three, what ye send out comes back to thee! ~

Banish all effects of a wrong decision and unfairness with the waning moon and the Justice card.

Affirmation – I understand the principles of justice and truth!

Well that ties up our cards for this month. I hope you enjoy working with the exercises if you get the opportunity, they can be great fun as well as a powerful support system.

Do let me know how you get on at:  I’m all ears! Until the next Tarot Time, magical blessings to you all..

Sheena )O(

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