The New Age Movement


New Age Beliefs and Practices Include

The New Age

  • Alternative medicine sometimes called complimentary medicine, which is a variety of therapeutic practices such as Reiki that are not typically used in traditional medical treatments.
  • Astrology, and numerology, the study of the planets, and numbers interpreted in terms of human personality characteristics, activities and future events.
  • Environmentalism and Gaia, a broad concept that living organisms will affect the nature of their planet, which needs to be preserved for sustainable life.
  • Lightworkers are people who feel they are on a spiritual journey called to heal others or want to resolve the world’s social and environmental problems sometimes in contact with great spiritual masters and spirit guides.
  • Meditation, describes a variety of practices to train the mind to promote relaxation, contact with spirit guides, building energy and receiving psychic visions. Transcendental meditation is derived from Hindu traditions promoting deep relaxation through the use of a mantra or repeated chanting.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit all have a place within us but are all interrelated and must be balanced to maintain our holistic health.
  • New Age Music a general term for music designed for therapeutic use such as relaxation, yoga, stress management, meditation spiritual healing and creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Paganism and eastern mysticism, ancient traditional religions including the religious teachings and philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jewish mysticism known as the Kabbala to assist in a spiritual journey of personal transformation and development.
  • Paranormal phenomena, divination, psychics and the art, practice, or gift of prophecy with regard to future events or the unknown and contact with spirit guides.
  • Past lives and reincarnation, the rebirth of the soul in another body and the attempt to attain first-hand knowledge of past lives by past life regression usually through hypnosis. Past life regression can be used to release the sub-conscious mind for healing and insight into this life’s spiritual journey.
  • Spiritual healing referring to the healing of the spiritual body which has an electromagnetic aura with corresponding energy centre’s called chakras.
  • Spirituality, in general terms relating to communication between spirit guides and the spirit world and not to anything of a physical nature.
  • Tarot, widely used by psychics with regard to helping people see what the future has in store or to solve a wide range of difficulties including personal issues and difficulties with relationships.
  • UFO’s and aliens a belief in the existence of extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects.
  • Wicca, witchcraft and magick, practices that are associated with utilising the forces of nature, spirit guides, paranormal phenomena and the art of bringing about change in conformity to our own will.
  • Yoga, originated in ancient India and is a general term for mental physical and spiritual practices that bring about a stillness of the mind and permanent peace.