Numerology Life Path Number 7 – The Loner and Thinker!


If you are not sure what your life path or destiny number is you can check it out with this online tool to see if you are numerology life path number 7, you can also find out your name number which is the same as the personality number and soul urge or heart’s desire number.

Meaning of Life Path Number 7

Numerology Life Path Number 7Those people with a life path number 7 are generally considered to be loners but they are also thinkers; however, this does not mean that they are totally isolated; they need space and time to themselves. They work best on their own and at their own pace, they hate being rushed and least of all taking orders or advice as they like to work things out for themselves.

Sevens are deep thinkers preferring to work on an intellectual level and dislike manual labour, they are also highly intuitive although they have difficulty in trusting their instincts. They tend to hide their emotions and can be aloof, they do not make friends easily but the ones they do make are long lasting. Seven is a spiritual number drawn to new age beliefs including the occult that differs from their upbringing, they tend to do the opposite of what people expect them just so they can feel in control of their own life.

Life Path Number 7 – Positive Characteristics

  • While highly intuitive they prefer to use logic to solve issues, they can analyse situations with surprising accuracy.
  • Have a gift for investigation and observation, they see things other people miss and ignore.
  • A perfectionist they are thorough in the completion of their work and expect the same high performance from others.
  • They tend to have poise, charm and quick witted, they can also show affection to those they care about.
  • A deep thinker they do not accept anything at face value preferring to research issues so they can come to their own conclusions.
  • They seek the truth in all situations and look for underlying reasons and answers in all that happens, they easily spot insincerity in others.
  • Original, independent and self sufficient they do not like relying on others or following the crowd, in fact they hate crowds.

Life Path Number 7 – Negative Characteristics

  • Adaptability is not their strong point and change rarely happens but when it does it is decisive and planned over a long period of time.
  • They do not fit in well with the hectic pace of modern life and seek peace and quiet in a slow isolated environment.
  • A 7 life path can have big highs and lows, finding stability with emotions is difficult when low others can find them self centred and argumentative.
  • When out of balance they can adopt a very pessimistic outlook on life and lose the ability to think things through.
  • As a thinker they can sometimes think too much with issues going around in their head with no way out.
  • When under pressure they tend to find some form of escape with regard to emotions as well as location rather than stay and resolve matters.
  • Drawn to spiritual issues they can become zealots or if they have no faith they can become very cynical.

Life Path Number 7 – Lessons

Those with a Life Path 7  need to strike a balance between being alone and being isolated. They also need to switch off and discharge the issues that go round and round inside their head.

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