Numerology Life Path Number 8 – The Warrior!


If you are not sure what your life path or destiny number is you can check it out with this online tool to see if you are numerology life path number 8, you can also find out your name number which is the same as the personality number and soul urge or heart’s desire number.

Meaning of Life Path Number 8

Numerology Life Path Number 8Those people with a life path number 8 are generally considered to be warriors whose main goal through life is to set up obstacles or objectives and then strive or fight to try and overcome them. Always looking for a battle they love the thrill of the contest, power struggles and the achievement of winning. The warrior is self sufficient and does not like sharing their success with others; however, this does not come easy as they have to do things the hard way even if there is an easier option.

So it follows that these people are at home in a cut throat business environment where they can play it by the law of the jungle and do not have time for people they see as being weak. Warriors tend to be very self confident, natural athletes and sports people; they also take pride in their appearance and spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.

Life Path Number 8 – Positive Characteristics

  • Ambitious, independent and tenacious, they immerse themselves in their work and tend to be good organizers.
  • They have a sense of the past and the future which could be useful in a counseling context.
  • Good executive, managerial, and leadership skills, practical, down to earth they thrive on hard work which is proportional to the success they achieve.
  • Able to conceive ideas with the courage of their conviction to see them through to completion.
  • Good judge of character and the ability to recognize the potential of others, which can lead to close personal feelings from others.
  • When balanced and have achieved financial security they can be helpful and generous to others.
  • In relationships they can be loyal, honest and steadfast in a crisis.

Life Path Number 8 – Negative Characteristics

  • It’s win or lose, all or nothing, with no middle ground, hence big failures, they only learn the hard way.
  • Can be authoritarian and blunt in putting down the efforts of others to keep themselves at the top.
  • When out of balance they can be self centered, materialistic and greedy.
  • A danger of neglecting family, home and loved ones, in the pursuit of ambition and money, they need a strong personal relationship to create a sense of balance.
  • Taking advice from others is not their strong point; everything has to be their idea.
  • Showing material wealth instead of feelings can lead to problems in relationships.
  • Success can be an obsession at the expense of their well being and peace of mind, leading to loneliness and isolation.

Life Path Number 8 Lessons

Life path number 8 is about dealing with karma and learning the lessons from the past in order to grasp the opportunities in this lifetime. In this respect it is about utilizing your ability to see the past and what led up to the current situation in order to see a way through to the future. This talent could help you become an outstanding councilor; however, it’s about meeting other people’s needs and not your own.

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