Numerology Life Path Number 9 – The Humanitarian!


If you are not sure what your life path or destiny number is you can check it out with this online tool if you are numerology life path number 9, you can also find out your name number which is the same as the personality number and soul urge or heart’s desire number.

Meaning of Life Path Number 9

Numerology Life Path Number 9Those people with a life path number 9 are generally considered to be humanitarians with a strong sense of compassion and generosity towards those less fortunate than themselves. They are idealistic wanting to put the world to rights which is why they tend to get involved in politics, activism, community and religious groups. They pursue careers where they can be of benefit to humanity and justice.

The life path number 9 in numerology as in the Tarot represents completion and ending of a task, a cycle, or a stage in your life. This also has connotations of having the resolution to see things through to the end and then of letting go or separation, and then preparation for a transition to new beginnings.

Life Path Number 9 – Positive Characteristics

  • They tend to be charismatic, artistic, highly creative and sociable, well liked with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.
  • Leadership and authority with regard to causes rather than personal ambition comes naturally and therefore they often occupy or assume positions of power in any situation irrespective of their actual status.
  • Broad minded, non judgemental, and tolerant of other people’s opinions, personal weaknesses and failings.
  • Non materialistic and generous, caring more about the well-being of people than personal gain.
  • Highly intuitive and sensitive, possibly with psychic abilities with a deep understanding of human behaviour.
  • A highly effective but sometimes an emotional and blunt communicator when talking about issues for which they feel a strong compassion.
  • Honourable, trustworthy and non competitive, believing in the common good of all members of society.

Life Path Number 9 – Negative Characteristics

  • They can be intense, moody, restless, impatient, and hot tempered particularly when their plans are delayed or frustrated.
  • Because of their deep commitment to others they can be manipulated and can show poor judgement of other people’s character.
  • Attention to detail is not their strong point; they can also be scatter brained and unrealistic with regard to their humanitarian goals.
  • A life path number 9 who does not follow the humanitarian path can be deeply dissatisfied with themselves; they are not suited to highly competitive business positions.
  • They have difficulty in managing their finances, however, money and personal wealth means very little to them anyway.
  • There may be difficulties in a relationship with a materialistic partner, and a tendency to end a relationship when hitting a rough patch.
  • Projects or tasks can come to a sudden and explosive ending when they have reached the end of their patience.

Life Path Number 9 Lessons

The biggest lesson for the life path number 9 is to deal with the positive and negative aspects of humanitarian commitment, completion and endings. There needs to be a balance and flexibility between commitment to others and their own personal life and the issue of relationships. They do not like things to end, however; seeing things through to completion is an issue as they end things suddenly when frustrated or when they hit a difficulty.

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