Pisces – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Pisces – Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Pisces - Lovers Guide for Men and WomenPisces is an astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Pisces. Under the tropical zodiac, Pisces is occupied by the Sun from February 20 to March 20, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from March 15 to April 13. Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac and associated with human emotions, the opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo.

With Aries
This combination can work reasonably well usually because Pisces lets Aries be the boss and walk all over them, but at the same time Pisces does like the dominance. Another factor in their favour is that these signs are next to each other in the Zodiac so they may well have planets in each other’s sun signs. Ariens find it difficult to express feelings and emotion so may feel drawn towards the romantic and sensitive Pisces. As far as sex is concerned look for harmony in their moon signs and the Venus Mars aspects, in which case it can be absolutely fantastic!

With Taurus
This is a combination whereby the Taureans qualities of firmness and strength can be fully appreciated in a pliable and sympathetic partner such as Pisces. These two are inseparable during the early stages of the relationship, and even when things have cooled they rarely have and major upsets. However, this depends upon Taurus being the dominant partner in which Pisces can react with passive aggressive tendencies. Sex is a strong factor and in the early stages, they may have very little time to do anything else.

With Gemini
Gemini is very attracted to the gentleness and sensitivity of Pisces but it is a question of being able to demonstrate leadership as both lack a sense of direction in life as well as in their relationship. As a result, these two can drift apart for lack of commitment and the ability to trust and communicate with one another in times of difficulty. Having said that if their problems can be tackled instead of avoided then they can build a rewarding and lasting relationship. Sex can be very rewarding and if they are in tune with one another, it hit the emotional heights.

With Cancer
Cancer and Pisces are usually a good combination; they are very caring and loving to one another, supporting each other in turn when things get difficult. Feelings run high in this relationship at the expense of practicalities, which they see as the world being against them rather than their own failures. Cancer is usually the one to sort things out while Aquarius simply goes along with what they say. However, both are creative and artistic, they have many shared interests and make a good parental combination. Sex is often excellent in this relationship.

With Leo
Leo sees Pisces as something of a challenge to understand their ways and put them straight; on the other hand, Pisces wants to pour cold water over Leo’s extrovert nature. On the positive side Leo can inspire confidence in Pisces who in turn can put Leo in touch with the gentler side of their nature. This however, can be seen as something threatening to Leo who takes a big step backwards. Leo also finds Pisces impractical and chaotic a frustration. However, with the right aspects in their planets, this can be a sensitive and loving partnership, and when in tune this can be a sexually fulfilling relationship.

With Virgo
In many ways, this is an ideal combination but it does suffer from a lack of purpose and direction, which often raises the question of what is the point of the relationship where is it going. On the plus side Pisces is very easy going and a bit dreamy while Virgo is practical and supportive. Virgo can feel they are being taken for granted as some kind of mother figure who does all the tidying up. However, this parental role can be reversed and it is Pisces who does all the organising. Despite this, the sex can be very imaginative and fulfilling.

With Libra
Pisces is probably the best water sign partner for Libra as both are indecisive and find it easier to compromise than enter into an argument. There are other positives to this relationship, they are both romantic, generous and affectionate to one another. However, problems can arise if Pisces becomes too emotionally demanding, as the Libran seems to over analyse and make things worse and not better for Pisces. Sex can be very good between  these two and they both like to indulge in artistic fantasy and expression

With Scorpio
Pisces is a good match for Scorpio providing tender loving care but they may lack the commitment they need in a relationship. They both have a tendency to go emotionally overboard which can lead to either of them going elsewhere if their needs are not met or are being ignored. Pisces can feel overpowered by the overbearing Scorpio, which may lead to emotional and sexual withdrawal. However, when there is a strong bond this combination can past a lifetime. Sex can be good but like their emotional needs, there is a danger of breakdown leading to infidelity.

With Sagittarius
The Archer finds Pisces sensitive and romantic while the fish is impressed with the Archers enthusiasm, confidence and optimistic outlook on life. However, there is a honeymoon period and when it’s over They may realise this was a mistake and cannot reconcile the many misunderstandings that arise between them. Both signs have a problem with commitment and responsibility but Pisces tends to be the more supportive partner but this is not reciprocated by the Archer so leaving the Fish insure to the point of being neurotic. Their sex life like their relationship can either get off to a flying start or go around in circles before they get it together.

With Capricorn
This combination has much to offer one another; the insecure Pisces really appreciates the Goats strong and stable personality. Capricorn can in turn can learn from the fish a bit about developing their sensitivity and get in touch with their emotions. However, the main negative aspect of this partnership is that Capricorn may try to dismiss the Pisces’ hopes and dreams but only trying to be down to earth. On the other hand, Pisces can create confusion for Capricorn and undermine them with a bit of passive aggressive behavior. Sex can be good when things are going well.

With Aquarius
This is an easy going relationship for the Water Bearer as the Fish tries to be all things to all people and will also accommodate Aquarius with ease, and as they are next door neighbours they may have planets in each other’s sun sign. Aquarius is protective of Pisces who in turn presents as such a mystifying personality that Aquarius finds them irresistible. However, there may be underlying issues for the Fish which may lead them to walking out rather than confronting their difficulties. Provided communication is good this can be a strong sexual relationship.

With Pisces
This combination can lose itself in an emotional haze or coexist in a state of emotional bliss, the problem is that there is nobody to provide a sense of balance to stop them getting lost is each other. While there is a great mutual understanding together with sensitivity and gentleness there are also equal proportions of confusion chaos and disappointment. However, these two can strike up a friendship that will see them through all the difficulties they are likely to face. Sex like everything else is an extreme of all or nothing.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility

The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.


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