Guide to Psychic Defence & Attack


Guide to Psychic Defence & AttackExtracts from the Book

Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune

  • Psychic Self Defence – Preface
    IT is with a sense of the seriousness of the issues involved that I set myself to the task of writing a book on psychic attack and the best methods of defence against it. The undertaking is beset with pitfalls. It is hardly possible to give practical information on the methods of psychic defence without at the same time giving practical information on the methods of psychic attack.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 1 – Signs of Attack
    IF we look at the universe around us we cannot fail to realise that there must be some overruling plan co-ordinating its infinite complexity. If we take into our hands and examine minutely any living thing, however simple, equally must we realise that the ordered diversity of its parts is built up on a determining framework. Science has sought in vain for this organising principle; it will never find it on the physical plane, for it is not physical.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 2 – Analysis of the Nature of Psychic Attack
    THE essence of a psychic attack is to be found in the principles and operations of telepathic suggestion. If we put together what we know of telepathy and what we know of suggestion, we shall understand its modus operandi. Suggestion is of three kinds: Auto-suggestion, Conscious Suggestion and Hypnotic Suggestion. The distinction, however, is not as fundamental as at first sight appears; for the goal of all suggestions in the subconscious mind is the same,…
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 3 – A Case of Modern Witchcraft
    THE part played by the ex-witch in occult attack is very marked. Again and again do the investigations of independent psychics point to witchcraft in a previous incarnation when trouble of this sort is afoot. The motive is nearly always vengeance, but there is also good reason to believe that the projection of the astral body takes place involuntarily during sleep, and is not deliberately willed by the offender.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 4 – Projection of the Etheric Body
    BEFORE we can leave the subject of attack by incarnate human beings, we must consider the subject of etheric projection. In this case not only is the mind at work, but also something which is pretty nearly physical; sufficiently physical, at any rate, to leave bruises on the flesh of the victim, throw the furniture about, or at least make a considerable amount of noise.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 5 – Vampirism
    THE alleged Vampire has always been a popular character in tales of mystery and imagination. There is a considerable literature concerning his doings, from the famous novel Dracula to serious studies of the medieval witch-trials, for which the reader is referred to the bibliography at the end of the book. In these pages, however, I do not want to avail myself of second-hand evidence, nor of incidents which took place in other centuries and under primitive conditions,…
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 6 – Hauntings
    THERE are two forms of “haunting” which have to be considered, the one which is due to a discarnate soul who interferes with a particular person, and the one which is due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place, and which affects any person sufficiently sensitive who happens to go there. Except in cases where the influence is exceptionally strong, the insensitive person is immune.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 7 – The Pathology Of Non-Human Contacts
    THERE are other forms of life as well as ours whose sphere of evolution impinges upon the earth. In the realm of folk-lore we constantly meet with the idea of intercourse between the human and the fairy kingdoms; of the marriage of a human being with a fairy spouse, or the theft of a child by the fairies, an impish changeling being left in its place.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 8 – The Risks Incidental to Ceremonial Magic
    If the problem of psychic self-defence is to be adequately dealt with, we must have an understanding of a subject upon which very little has been written – the nature of the forces of intelligent and organised evil. The great faiths of the ancient world all had their evil gods as well as their beneficent deities, and they did not call these evil gods devils.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 9 – Psychic Attack and Subjective Psychic Disturbance
    PSYCHISM, however genuine, is a fruitful cause of self-delusion. A psychic is invariably highly sensitive and suggestible. This is the basis of his gifts. Psychism not being a normal development, among Europeans at any rate, the psychic is, in the language of nautical engineers, “over-engined for his hull.” He is consequently unstable, liable to violent emotional reactions, and in general exhibits those aberrations of conduct we are accustomed to associate with artistic genius.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 10 – Non-Occult Dangers of the Black Lodge
    THE facts considered in the previous chapter, though they should make us exceedingly careful in weighing evidence, must not blind us to the fact that there are black sheep in every fold and that a fraternity which started out with the best of intentions may quite inadvertently, through the ignorance or imperfections of its leaders, begin to drift on to the Left-hand Path. Perfectly innocent people enter it when it is in process of drifting but not yet avowedly black,…
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 11 – The Psychic Element In Mental Disturbance
    WE have seen in a previous Chapter that nervous and mental disorders can simulate a psychic attack, especially if the subject is familiar with the terminology of occultism. We must also consider the part played by psychic attack in nervous and mental disorders. But before we can embark upon this section of our studies, we must give a brief explanation of the nature of nervous and mental disturbances and the distinction between them.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 12 – Methods Employed in Making a Psychic Attack
    ANYONE who reads the old books on witchcraft, usually compiled by the professional witch-finders from the confessions of alleged witches extorted under torture, will find that the phenomena described fall into certain broad categories which are so constant in (lifferent ages and in different parts of the world that we are left with the impression that there must be some fire behind so much smoke.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 13 – The Motives of Psychic Attack. I
    WE have noted in a previous chapter that the simplest way to find out whether the victim of an alleged psychic attack is romancing or not, is to seek for motives, and if they are not discernible, to give imagination the benefit of the doubt. The commonplace motives of greed, lust, revenge and fear of betrayal do not need psychic discernment for their discovery but are perceptible to the naked eye.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 14 – The Motives of Psychic Attack. II
    IT is a matter of general knowledge among occultists that it is not a pleasant thing to fall foul of an occult fraternity of which one has been made a member by means of a ceremonial initiation and to which one is bound by oaths. As we have already seen, the malignant mind of a trained occultist is a nasty weapon; how much more so the group-mind formed out of a number of trained minds, especially if concentrated by means of ritual?
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 15 – Physical Aspect Of Psychic Attack And Defence
    WE have distinguished the various types of psychic attack, we have described the methods that can be employed in carrying them out, and we have also noted the various forms of delusion, fraud and auto-suggestion that may complicate the issue. We are now in a position to discuss the question of diagnosis. Let us consider the whole matter from the practical point of view. Supposing a stranger comes with a story of a psychic attack, what should be our procedure?
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 16 – Diagnosis of The Nature of an Attack
    HAVING considered the purely physical factors in a psychic disturbance, we may now come to the consideration of its genuinely psychic factors. We must always bear in mind, however, that because physical disease is found, it does not necessarily eliminate the psychic factor. A physical condition, such as an abnormal state of the blood, may cause a low form of psychism and put its victim in touch with evil astral conditions.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 17 – Methods Of Defence I
    IN writing for the general reader an account of the methods to be used in combating a psychic attack, I am reminded of those excellent manuals upon medicine and surgery which an enlightened Board of Trade insists shall be provided for the captains of ships, together with a cupboard full of remedies, harmless and otherwise. When an emergency arises, the worthy skipper reads through the chapter he believes to bear upon the case in hand and goes to work as best he may.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 18 – Methods Of Defence II
    THERE are two types of practical psychic work which may be used separately or in combination, the latter method, in my opinion, giving by far the best results, though the exponents of each are apt to decry the other. The method which we will distinguish as the meditative method consists of mediation upon abstract qualities, such as peace, harmony, protection and the love of God. It is the method of the New Thought school,…
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 19 – Methods Of Defence III
    PSYCHIC trouble not infrequently arises owing to the formation of an undesirable rapport. In order to understand the nature of this problem we must consider the whole subject of rapport. We have already considered in some detail the question of telepathic suggestion. Rapport might be considered as the passive aspect of that of which telepathic suggestion is the active aspect. It forms, in fact, the basic condition necessary for telepathic suggestion to take place.
  • Psychic Self Defence Ch. 20 – Methods Of Defence IV
    THERE are so many stories of the appearance of guardian angels at moments of crisis that even the most sceptical must admit that there is a case to be answered. There is a tradition in Devon that if Drake’s Drum, which is preserved at Buckland Abbey near Tavistock, is beaten in a time of crisis, Drake himself will return to lead the fleets of England. Newbolt has immortalised this legend in his famous poem.
  • Psychic Self Defence – Conclusion
    IN the preceding pages I have endeavoured to discharge a difficult task, one that it is almost impossible to discharge satisfactorily. Limitations of space prevent me from explaining my concepts step by step and offering proofs thereof. To have done so would have required a library, not a book. I have had to presume in my readers not only an acquaintance with the literature of occultism but, what is much rarer, some experience of its practice.