Signs of Attraction – How to Tell if Someone is Interested


Signs of Attraction

How to Tell if a Guy or Girl is Interested in You

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Signs of AttractionSo we have put together this guide to try and help you answer this question. You might like to try these other posts for answers

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Online dating obviously makes it more difficult to read the physical signs of attraction, but that is a good thing as there needs to be a meeting of minds before you meet the person and that is why some experts think that online dating is a good way of meeting people. Of course once you actually meet them then the list below will be useful.

Sexual or physical attraction is usually the motivation for people to show an interest or make contact so if you are online dating and someone has seen your photo make sure it is recent to avoid a bit disappointment. Any sort of comment or action that draws attention to someones sexuality or physical attributes is a sign of sexual interest, having said that some being find intellect sexy.

There is an endless list of physical actions and comments that are well known to be a give away as far as interest is concerned, however there are situations where a little bit of tact is require for fear of embarassment or rejection. Here is a list of the most obvious signs of attraction that show someone either a guy or girl is interested, but monitor how they react to you as opposed to the way in which they relate to other people, they may be like that with everyone, but if its just you then it maybe because they are interested.

  • Making eye contact is usually a sure sign that someone is interested in what you have to say but do they hold for any length of time into what could be a stare.
  • Smiling in an exaggerated way by comparison with the way they smile at other people.
  • Is there laughter of the slightly nervous variety between the two of you.
  • Winking in an over friendly way, or wet there lips.
  • Fidgeting and keep crossing and uncrossing their legs
  • Pushing out their chest or hips in some kind of display
  • Taking particular care in grooming themselves.
  • Walking with a wiggle or a swagger to get their hips moving.
  • A coy smile when you are not joking.
  • Flipping the head or hair out of the way.
  • Do they enter your personal space
  • Wearing revealing clothing or clothing inappropriate for the occasion.
  • Touching themselves straightening clothes or playing with buttons.
  • Touching you too often
  • Wearing excessive makeup, perfume or aftershave.
  • Are they overdressed or too smart for the occasion.
  • Do they whisper or tell secrets to attempt some kind of intimacy.
  • listening to every word you say even when you are talking rubbish.
  • Looking the other person up and down with an intent look.
  • Trying to isolate someone so they can get them on their own.

Print this out and use it as a check list to see how many positives they score with you as opposed to others that you see them with.

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