Solarised Water to Balance the Chakras


This is a simple and cheap way of applying colour to the body. When water is exposed to sunlight in a coloured container for at least an hour it becomes irradiated and takes on some of the vibrational energy of that particular colour. This is called solarised water. Special coloured containers can be bought, but they can easily be improvised using coloured cellophane. Simply drink (solarised water should always be sipped) this water at regular intervals throughout the day.

A red vessel will give red solarised water, a blue vessel, blue solarised water, etc. The longer the water remains exposed to the sun, the stronger is its potency. Solarisation depends on temperature, geographical location and the time of the day. One simple way to determine if the water has absorbed the sun’s energy is to drop an ice cube in the glass of water to be solarised. When the ice cube has completely melted, the water is charged. Obviously, it will take more time in winter as opposed to in summer.

Fresh solarised water is preferred if practical. However, you can solarise the water and store it for few days at a time. Blue solarised water can be kept safely for a week or ten days in hot or cold weather. However, red, yellow, and orange solarised water should be changed every two days in warm weather and every ten days to two weeks in cold weather.