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Palmistry Love Lines


The Love Line in Palmistry by Myrna Lou Goldbaum


Another designation for the Love line is the Heart line. Both imply romance, powerful feelings and elevated emotions. Early love experiences are lines found on the thumb side of the hand, running toward the center of the palm. Marriages visualize as a wishbone shaped line representing two individuals in a union. Each side of the wishbone equals one partner; at the connection they are one. An unbroken wishbone line reveals harmony in the relationship. Chop marks represent choppy, uneven times in the relationship. Engagements, terminated relationships, the greatest love affair of the century, and everyday marriages, all of these connections are visible on the Love line. Experiences that impressed one as well as pain, hurt and despair show up on the Love line. Deep marks are telltale evidence of a persons roller coaster love life. Continue reading