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The Athame Knife – Ritual Dagger


The Athame Knife by Joseph

Athame Knife History and Background
The athame knife is a ritual dagger that is used by Wiccans and Neo Pagans in rituals and spells as an extension of their body.

The athame in Wicca is traditionally a male principal, or a male symbol representing the reproductive organ of the Horned God who impregnated the Goddess Gia to give birth to the Earth and nature. The athame knife is traditionally either black handled or wooden handled, with the blade made of steel. Continue reading


Pentacle vs Pentagram as a Means of Psychic Protection


Pentacle vs Pentagram by Joseph

It is common within witchcraft, wicca, and paganism to confuse the pentacle and pentagram. Although there are several arguments that go around saying they are one in the same, this is not exactly true.
Through many different historic texts through the ages, the pentacle and pentagram have come to represent different meanings depending on the faithful who hold these symbols in holy light. Continue reading


What is the Difference Between Witchcraft and Sorcery


The Difference Between Witchcraft and Sorcery

Modern anthropologists have drawn a distinction between witchcraft and sorcery, which can broadly be described as follows.

is an innate ability within a person which is an involuntary personality trait that is associated with physical peculiarities. The witch or warlock exercises their power in a purely psychic manner that needs no spell, ceremony, or any tool or accessory. Continue reading

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