Taurus – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Taurus – Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Taurus - Ultimate Lovers Guide for Men and Women

Taurus is an astrological Earth Sign, which is associated with the constellation of the same name. Under the tropical zodiac, Taurus is occupied by the Sun from April 21 to May 20, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from May 14 to June 19. Taurus is traditionally ruled by the planet Venus. The opposite sign to Taurus is Scorpio and the two signs are widely considered to be the most sexually responsive of all zodiacal members. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and associated with material pleasure.

Urban Myths and Legends

The symbol of the bull was in common use as part of pagan religion during the Age of Taurus, which spanned the years from 4000 to 2000 years BC. The bull and cow were symbols of fertility of the earth probably because manure was the only fertiliser they had and coincided with the great agricultural civilisations that started in the Tigris Euphrates and Nile that spread around the known world.  Taurus has a reputation for being materialistic and greedy which stems from Greek mythology, however, this is more of a reluctance to give up or let go of the things they value and that could include partners. Uncontrollable lust is another attribute given to Taurus that has its roots in mythology that has lasted into the modern age and is responsible for the expression “sexual bull”.

The Dark Side

Taurus is mainly focussed on the material and scientific plane and can be for or against such things as capitalism in a very big way they seldom occupy neutral ground regarding these issues and can lean towards fanaticism in their beliefs. This all or nothing outlook on life can lead to an intolerance and being very offensive with regard to other people’s views and opinions, which can lead to prejudice in the form of religion, race, type, or ideology. Taurus is not that in tune with the spiritual side of life and therefore has a tendency to use people in their search for meaning and the mystical, by becoming a “hanger on” to compensate for what they lack in themselves.

Taurus as Lovers

Taurus is very physical with a strong intense and desiring nature, together with a touch of the sensual and appreciation for beauty. As far as fidelity is concerned it is said that Taurus will remain where the sex is good, so together with their need for stability when they are faithful they are very faithful loyal and steadfast, but equally determined to go and find sex elsewhere if it suits their need for that very important ingredient in a sexual relationship; satisfaction. Taurus tends to keep promises, and is no butterfly in and out of relationships, but is not one to play sexual games with, as they will simply go somewhere else for what they want. Taurus being ruled by Venus has a romantic streak of the good old-fashioned variety.

The Taurus Man

Taurus is considered to be a feminine sign although this is something lost on the macho male version unless you include gentleness, sensuality and an appreciation of beauty. In keeping with the image of the bulls, the Taurus man is very masculine and dresses to fit the part accordingly with a touch of vanity spending a lot of time preening themselves. They are strong silent type that can be a rock of strength and calmness during crises if he can understand what is going on. He is vulnerable with his feelings and does not cope with betrayal too well, forgiveness does not come easily, he never forgets and will make sure you don’t either, assuming of course he has not just gone and dumped you with no going back. The Taurus man does have a reputation for being lazy, conventional, and a bit chauvinist when it comes to doing household chores and the male role in the home but he can make women feel very feminine

The Taurus Woman

Just as the male is associated with the bull, the Taurus woman is associated with the cow that in modern usage of the term tends to be a bit derogatory. Generally, there are two types of Taurus women, the first and very romantic and concerned about issues of glamour, expensive clothes, and sensuality. Unfortunately, they can be as much use as an ornament as they are too lazy to do much else. The other type is the natural earthy types associated with being an earth mother with qualities of loyalty, gentleness, and devotion to her loved ones. They reject make up, live a healthy lifestyle which is likely to be nothing but organic. They have a fixed routine that is going to take three months notice, an earthquake to change and an awful lot of persuasion to change. The Taurus woman tends to be a bit of a “stuck in the mud” she is however, very gentle, charming with an endearing touch of naivety.

Taurus Partnerships

For long term relationships Taurians tend to find their fellow earth signs and water signs more compatible, fiery and air relationship tend to be shorter lived but as opposites attract they find them irresistible.

With Aries
They are sometimes able to establish a workable relationship, however Aries finds Taurus a bit too stubborn and stuck in their ways to change. This may mean they like the stability and security or look for excitement elsewhere or Taurus broadens their horizons in a way they never imagined which also includes the way they spend their money. Sex can be exciting stimulating and long lasting.

With Taurus
These two usually get along just fine until like two bulls they go head to head and it’s not just a question of who is going to give first but also how long is it going to take? They are both very family orientated and generous to one another but their rigid ways can create a lot of tension and hostility under the surface. Their sex life can be strong, durable and fulfilling but like their partnership, in general it can be rather conventional and unimaginative.

With Gemini
Gemini tends to be a bit of an airhead for the down to earth Taurian, and while there maybe an initial interest but finds the Gemini’s inconsistence difficult to deal with and does not take kindly to accusations of being dull and boring. Gemini likes to do things impulsively where as Taurus is slow and serious and only acts after a lot of consideration. Gemini must respect the Taurians need for routine and consistency while giving Gemini some space and air to breathe. Sexually things can be quite exiting but not the ideal sexual partners.

With Cancer
This is probably the ideal relationship for Taurus; it is very safe and secure, nurturing and comforting gentle and tactile. Both these signs are home birds that need the security of a secure home life and family around them. On the negative side, Cancer might find Taurus a bit insensitive and inflexible at times, and Taurus might find Cancers moods a bit difficult. This is a very stable and mutually supportive relationship in which sex is usually very fulfilling especially at times of stress where is can increase the bond between them.

With Leo
This combination is highly attracted to one another as both like the good life, Leo has the sort of flamboyant style that appeals to Taurus but the major obstacle to happiness is that Leo can also be just as difficult and reluctant to move as Taurus. If this problem can be resolved then they could make a lasting partnership but it will require some compromise on the part of Taurus to let Leo have their own way for some if not most of the time. Sex is a major part of this relationship, which can be very passionate, high in quality and frequent.

With Virgo
This combination can have a very good friendship as well as being lovers; it is also a very good business relationship but unfortunately, it runs the risk of taking over their lives at the expense of their personal and social life. This signifies the possibility that this is a friendly but superficial partnership in which deep emotional bonds maybe difficult. Taurus finds Virgo a bit too fussy and hard to please while Taurus need to keep up appearances in order to impress others irritates Virgo. Sexually they are very compatible and very fulfilling for both partners.

With Libra
This combination has a rare quality for Taurus and its one of give and take. Taurus likes Libra’s easygoing nature so no problems with control, while Libra likes the Taurians down to earth approach to life. They are both very materialistic and would find financial hardship difficult to contemplate let alone tolerate, they are however, and quite capable of working together to build a comfortable lifestyle that suits them both. Different emotional needs can get in the way of a successful relationship, Sexually things are ok but not the ideal combination.

With Scorpio
This combination can be hard work for both parties concerned, but as a roller coaster there can be some big ups and some very low downs in an emotional battle in which Scorpio is far more overpowering and dominant which can have a detrimental affect on Taurus. Both are passionate, possessive and security orientated but Scorpio needs to test out Taurus by playing games to seek reassurance but without success, as Taurus does not see what is going on. Sex is powerful and figures strongly to compensate for other things that are missing, so when it cools so down the relationship.

With Sagittarius
Sagittarius tends to have a bit of a wanderlust and loves going places as and when they feel like it and given the Taurians adherence to routine they usually end up going on their own. This is a case of opposites attract in a constant battle over freedom verses security in which Taurus thinks Sagittarius is being childish and Sagittarius thinks Taurus is acting like a controlling mother. Sex between these two can start quite promising but like the relationship, it does not usually last very long.

With Capricorn
This combination is a safe haven as both are strong reliable and dependable with both having their feet firmly on the ground. As a result, they seldom have any financial or material problems to worry about, and while the relationship may not soar to great heights or have a deep emotional bond neither of them actually want it that way. Life is a fixed routine that just carries on without any great excitement but no disasters either. This combination is usually sexually in tune and they rarely get tired of each other even in their old age.

With Aquarius
While this may be a compelling combination there are temperamental issues for them to deal with if the relationship is going to last. At the start, Taurus is enchanted by the eccentric, quick-witted humour of Aquarius who in turn is impressed with the Taurean’s honesty, gentleness and charm. However, once the honeymoon and laughter stops they realise that being with somebody just as bloody minded is no joke and both are going to have to put themselves out to make this relationship work.

With Pisces
This is a combination whereby the Taureans qualities of firmness and strength can be fully appreciated in a pliable and sympathetic partner such as Pisces. These two are inseparable during the early stages of the relationship, and even when things have cooled they rarely have and major upsets. However, this depends upon Taurus being the dominant partner in which Pisces can react with passive aggressive tendencies. Sex is a strong factor and in the early stages, they may have very little time to do anything else.

Taurus and Sexuality
Being rules by Venus Taurus is a true romantic and sex is a major feature in the Taurean make up which can become part of a daily routine, together with an attitude that can best be described as bawdy. Taurean males and females have a reputation of being some of the most sexually active in the Zodiac but will generally not get involved in anything too adventurous until hey are in a stable relationship. Female behaviour can be strongly influenced by their mother and can use sex as a compensation for the lack of love and affection in the home, they may forgo stability but ultimately it may be a question of who is going to pay the bills. Sex comes naturally to the Taurean male who does not need any erotic stimulation, or fantasy to get him going and therefore, does not have much time for foreplay. He also feels ill at ease with chitchat so his chat up lines maybe clumsy and crude wanting to cut to the chase. With both males and females the sex that does the talking as they find verbally expressing their feeling very difficult, but perhaps for that reason they can be very giving lovers.

Crystal Astrology

Taurus is a strong Earth Sign and therefore many of the crystal associated with Taurus bring grounding energy into the physical body. Kunzite helps Taurus remove obstacles and connects them to a feeling of security, while emerald is a stone of Venus and helps bring successful love and relationships.

The Runes
Ancient runic users did not adapt the Zodiac they used the Twelve Halls of Heaven instead. Thrymheim, the hall of the giant Thiazzi corresponds to Taurus its name means “the noisy place” and its runes are Mannez, Laguz, and Inguz.

In the Tarot Aries is the Page of Swords

Type of Person
Practical, thoughtful, persevering, possessive, realistic, down to earth, security conscious, patient, reserved.

Type of Vocation
Service, singing, sales, financial, negotiator, consultant, builder, estate agent.

Astrological Relationship Compatibility
The above is only a general guide which as there are so many factors involved may not always be true, only real way of finding out about astrological compatibility is with a full report which you can obtain at a bargain price from The New Age Blog. If you have just met someone it is an ideal way of seeing whether of not there are issues you need to address before you take the relationship any further.

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