The Fool Personalities!


The Fool Tarot MeaningChoose Your Colour Personality

Focus on the imagery in the card  for a while, look at the colours, not just the obvious ones but those in the detail. Look at the personality and attitude that is being displayed. Read the symbolism in the guides below for a greater understanding and insight.

Then choose the colour that you associate with this card from the list in the sidebar.

Your choice is based upon your overriding needs at this moment in time. The colour personality is the persona that you are presenting to the world or that of someone that you associate with The Fool.

However, colour personalities change according to circumstances and is as simple as deciding which colour clothes to wear in certain situations sometimes on a daily basis.

If you feel you need to change then have a look at the list and decide which colour personality you need to become in order to deal with a situation or in answer to any questions you have in relation to this card. Then introduce that colour into your life as much as possible from the clothes you wear to the food you eat.