Universal Pendulum to Balance the Aura and Chakras


Universal PendulumIt is possible to diagnose and balance auras using a Universal Pendulum (UP) either in person and remotely using a photograph or just by writing down the persons name. Although the latter two do not have quite the same healing qualities it is a very useful remote diagnostic tool. The pendulum moves in a circular motion in any direction to balance the aura and it can either take out or making up any excess or depletion of aura colours.

The Universal Pendulum is a black sphere-like pendulum with a diameter of 6cm and is made of wood. The sphere contains a “battery” which forms the axis and is connected to a semicircular bow and is made out of six hemispheres. The mounted bow that moves around the sphere has a cord with three holding points that represent the electro-magnetic equator at the top then the magnetic red meridian at the middle and the electric blue meridian at the bottom marker.

12 ChakrasThe Universal Pendulum works on the assumption there are 13 chakrasĀ  instead of the usual 7. The higher heart chakra which is turquoise can also be balanced by setting the pendulum between blue and green, that makes 14 chakras. Pink can also be balanced by a combination of turquoise, black and red orange, not a chakra but a very important colour. The UP does not need any mental instructions for use, as it will either detect or send all by itself different radiating energies within its many adjusting possibilities. It does both of its main functions of diagnosis and treatment at the same time, the Universal Pendulum can turn either way to neutralise any excess energies, but generally it turns clockwise to increase and anticlockwise to reduce colour energies.

Trevor Mayes
Colour therapist and owner of the New Age Blog