Virgo – Lovers Guide for Men and Women


Virgo Partnerships

Virgo can have a stubborn streak but generally, they try to accommodate their partners and are best suited to Water signs.

With Aries
Virgos are often attracted to Aries because they wish to emulate their detached and discerning personalities, however Aries find their picky ways extremely irritating and a distraction, on the other hand Virgo finds Aries self centred and far too pushy. Despite this and if these problems can be overcome then the sexual attraction with this combination can be very powerful. To examine whether this combination can last, look for compatibility in their respective moon signs and some harmony in their Mars Venus aspects.

With Taurus
This combination can have a very good friendship as well as being lovers; it is also a very good business relationship but unfortunately, it runs the risk of taking over their lives at the expense of their personal and social life. This signifies the possibility that this is a friendly but superficial partnership in which deep emotional bonds maybe difficult. Taurus finds Virgo a bit too fussy and hard to please while Taurus need to keep up appearances in order to impress others irritates Virgo. Sexually they are very compatible and very fulfilling for both partners.

With Gemini
Both these signs are very intelligent, they just think in a very different way and on different wavelengths. Virgo has a tidy mind whereas the butterfly in Gemini flits from one thing to the next and as a result causes each other serious irritation. While these two can be highly attracted to one another and initially can work well at all levels but if the relationship is going to last they need other complementary factors otherwise they will simply push each other further apart as time goes by. Sex between these two is a reflection of the state of the relationship.

With Cancer
Cancer and Virgo make a practical supportive partnership, although they may have to work at it and sometimes they give up and suffer in silenced rather than clear the air with their grievances. Cancer lives their life through their partner and unfortunately, Virgo may well not have the ambition or drive to live up to Cancer’s material expectations leaving Virgo feeling frustrated and useless. Cancer can help Virgo get in touch with their feelings and who in turn can be a bit more rational than emotional. This can be a long lasting but like the sex rather dull relationship.

With Leo
Temperamentally these two have very little in common but once they get over the first hurdles, Leo and Virgo can build a good relationship. The problem is that Leo likes to cut to the chase while Virgo likes to think it all over and analyse everything before they act. This can be a cause of continual conflict or make a good complementary partnership where Virgo is the backroom organiser to Leo’s extrovert upfront personality. Unfortunately, Leo tends to underestimate and take Virgo for granted, it is not until they realise that they have gone do they realise that there is a problem. It may take time to establish a satisfactory sexual partnership.

With Virgo
Two Virgo’s usually make a hesitant start while they discus, and analyse the situation for considerable time, but once they finally have got it together they can make a well organised and busy relationship. However, they often bring out the irrational side to their personalities so it maybe an on off relationship with much coming and going until things settle down. Once they have achieved some stability they can work and live together quite provided they learn to live with each other’s idiosyncrasies and neuroses. Unfortunately sex in not high on the agenda and that seems to suit them both.

With Libra
As next-door neighbours in the Zodiac, this is the most compatible air sign for Virgo; Librans are perfectionists about their relationships and very easy going and accommodating to their partners. However, on the minus side Libra can be too upwardly mobile for down to earth Virgo who finds social climbing trivial and boring. On the plus side, apart from being a bit self-indulgent and a bit of shallow thinking, Virgo finds it difficult to complain about Libra as a partner. This can be a long lasting and durable relationship provided both partners complement each other emotionally, in which case their sex life can be fulfilling.

With Scorpio
In keeping with the deep and emotionally reclusive aspects of their personalities, Virgo and Scorpio keep their relationship to themselves and in that respect, their relationship may seem to others a bit distant and low key. However, in private this partnership can hit the heights and the depths of emotional attachment, although Virgo may find Scorpio a bit over sexed and under washed. On the other hand, Scorpio does not like being criticised and finds the constant questioning and psychoanalysis an intrusion into their head-space and privacy. This relationship that often lasts and long time and in which the sex is very satisfying and fulfilling.

With Sagittarius
While this is one of the worse combinations for Virgo, there is a great attraction and fascination between these two signs. On the plus side, they are able to establish an intellectual rapport but this does not mean there is a meeting of minds as think in very different ways, which is something that they both find irritating and permeates into the rest of the relationship. Virgo finds Sagittarius inconsiderate and a bit foot loose, and Sagittarius finds Virgo’s constant criticism and negative attitude difficult to cope with. The sex between these two can be excellent and in the short term can detract from other difficulties.

With Capricorn
Forget about spontaneity with this combination, everything Virgo and Capricorn do is planned with great care and precision nor is any decision taken lightly without full consideration of the issues involved. Despite all this logic and reason, they can both be prickly and emotionally irrational at times. These two are both work orientated and work hard but for that reason their relationship can suffer through sheer exhaustion. Virgo can excel themselves and go places with Capricorn and for that reason this can be a long lasting relationship where the sex can be good but can suffer from a bit of lethargy.

With Aquarius
Virgo and Aquarius are both intellectually orientated and therefore make and unusual and stimulating combination in which they have much in common although Virgo may find Aquarius extreme. However, while admires Virgo for their precision and organisational ability, there are occasions when they find it all a bit too much. On the other hand, Virgo wishes that Aquarius would stick to some kind of timetable and routine and do what they instead of just talking about it. Both signs are unlikely to admit to or attempt to any problems in the relationship, which can lead to serious sexual difficulties.

With Pisces
In many ways, this is an ideal combination but it does suffer from a lack of purpose and direction, which often raises the question of what is the point of the relationship where is it going. On the plus side Pisces is very easy going and a bit dreamy while Virgo is practical and supportive. Virgo can feel they are being taken for granted as some kind of mother figure who does all the tidying up. However, this parental role can be reversed and it is Pisces who does all the organising. Despite this, the sex can be very imaginative and fulfilling.