What’s a Hero?


What’s a hero? ©

  • A hero doesn’t necessarily need to be photographed or written about in the newspapers.
  • A hero doesn’t need to be interviewed on TV or be recorded for posterity.
  • A heroic act doesn’t need to be measured by other people’s subjective interpretations.
  • A hero doesn’t necessarily need to make a big noise, or expect huge applause, or endless gratitude.
  • A hero can do something heroic, something momentous, something that will save lives –  yet no-one will know what he did, or what it took to do it.  Or at most, a handful will know.
  • A hero is someone who does something heroic quietly, away from public eyes, away from public scrutiny.
  • A hero is someone who does something selfless, instantly, as a given.  And either seldom talks about it, or downplays it, or never discusses it.

That’s a hero.  The one who does something, and then carries on with his life as a regular human being, knowing that he has touched a few lives anyway.  If thanked along the way, that’s very special and always appreciated.

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Beba Papakyriakou (BA; BA Honours, Psychology)

8 June 2010

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About the Author: Beba Papakyriakou is an international business owner and published author, with two psychology degrees. She has been very closely involved with child abuse organisations (and still is), has been on national TV, and has handed over copyright of one of her books to a non-profit organisation for their use and fund-raising.

She has been working towards raising her own vibrations and those of people around her.  Her interests lie in various disciplines, including personal development, self-empowerment, psychology, metaphysics, and business.

Writing is one of her passions and she believes that finding expression through writing often leads one towards wholeness. (And fun).