How to Use White Light for Psychic Protection


The Psychic Ability of Shielding: How to Use White Light for Protection

by Tana Hoy

Was there ever an instance in where you feel wonderfully fine. Yet, you encounter someone who is so weary, and then unexplainably, you also come to feel as if you’re as well worn-out, and you really can’t determine where that feeling came from? Certainly in one way or some other you have had this experience. This is our natural empath psychic ability working.

Considering that we are all born with an natural psychic ability to some amount — Yes, we have a natural psychic ability that enables us to feel energy vibes around us. On the other hand, not all energies on Earth are beneficial — like for instance, those negatives feelings of disheartenment, hate, anxiety, and so on. Similarly, we all have normal tendencies to send out negative energies without our knowing.

So now that we have brought up that all beings on Earth have the natural psychic ability to receive and send energies, you might contemplate — is there a means to manage this transmittal of energy? Well of course, there is. This method is called psychic shielding.

The idea of psychic shielding is a very interesting matter. Essentially speaking, psychic shielding is the psychic ability to guard yourself from the bad energies around you. Everyone has the psychic ability to shield himself. The most widely used shielding approach is the white light technique. In this method, an energy field called as “white light” is used to work as an invisible shield around you.

How to Make a Psychic Shield of White Light for Defense

Somewhere inside you, is the psychic ability to create a psychic shield. Using white light for protection is not difficult to do. You just need to do this simple daily psychic exercise (either before going to bed, or the first thing when you wake up):

Step 1: Place yourself in any position that you are most laid back in. Breathe deeply and slowly to start releasing all the pressure and anxiousness in you. Quite simply, be in a meditative status.

Step 2: Next, proceed by imagining a ball of white light floating above you. You focus on the energy of the ball, envision that the energy ball is full of white light — love and strength and peace. Try hard to allow your inner psychic ability to feel these qualities in the energy of the ball.

Step 3: Once you have that energy ball in position, the final action is to let the energy from the ball of light to move into you, and picture that is creating a white shield around you.

There you have it! Literally as easy as 1-2-3 to tap into your inner psychic ability of creating a psychic shield! But of course, you must remember that you need to do this psychic exercise daily. Don’t expect your psychic shield to be that strong right away. As time passes and with regular practice, your psychic ability to create a protective shield will surely increase in power.

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