Wiccan Healing Spell with the Tarot


Wiccan Healing SpellWiccan Healing Spell with the Tarot and Alternative Medicine

This is a very powerful and complex multi-disciplined wiccan healing spell that includes Wicca, the Tarot, colour therapy, affirmations, visualisation, Reiki, sound therapy, aromatherapy, crystal healing, candle healing, colour breathing, symbolism to drive away negative energy, and help from your guides and guardian angels. It involves balancing and strengthening of the aura, balancing of the root, throat, black and white chakras, and draws upon the powers of nature, the earth, the sun, the stars, the universe, and your higher self.

This Wiccan healing spell is cast using a printed copy of an Atlantean Cross with a magenta background. The Atlantean Cross is a powerful symbol used to drive away negativity. It was taken by the survivors of Atlantis to ancient Egypt, where  Egyptian hieroglyphics and temple decorations show that they changed the two-legged Atlantean Cross into the one legged Ankh.

We use the Atlantean Cross as the Ankh leg gives off a vibration known as negative green and while this has its uses it it not designed for this purpose. As well as driving off negative energy the legs of the Atlantean Cross vibrate at the same frequencies as the white chakra which is outside the body about 12 inches above the head and the black chakra which is just below the feet, this spell will create a sense of balance a sort of yin and yang. The Atlantean Cross also signifies your body so we can concentrate on which area needs healing.

The colour magenta is a mixture of red and blue to stimulate the root and throat chakras respectively, red is for strength and energy and blue is the universal colour of healing. Magenta is about compassion which is what you are going to show to yourself as many people become ill because they have been giving themselves a hard time. The gold colour of the cross will help you value yourself and trust your own wisdom and judgement during this difficult period.

Reiki comes into this as you are going to draw upon universal energy and with your hand touch yourself in the area of your body that is in need of healing or put your hand on your head so the energy goes through your whole body down to your feet.

Sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow so it is a universal tonic that  will help cleanse and purify your body and heal and strengthen the aura. A pure quartz crystal will also help you do this, it can be worn or place it above the cross. Make some solarised water by placing a bottle of spring water in the sun for a few hours so the water absorbs the vibration of clear sun light.

Preparing for the Wiccan Healing Spell

Cast this spell during the day in a sunlit room if you can use mirrors to spread the sunlight around the room, while this is helpful it is not essential. A conservatory or greenhouse would be and ideal place.

Burn some incense sticks, such as frankincense or myrrh to drive away negativity, and some red ones for energy, the aroma will also give you a psychological lift. You need to include something red such as a red cloth or wear a red item of clothing. Light some red candles the flame creates a vibration and like the smoke it  will help you tune into your angels and guides via your higher self.

You need a set of Tarot cards and I  suggest the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot, the reason being is that he used the word magick with a ‘ k’ to signify that magick is a response to the will of the magician. This will help you use the power of your own mind to reinforce your affirmation and visualisation. They are best used on a red table cloth.

Print out the picture below by clicking on this link Wiccan Healing Spell print it out preferably in colour but black and white will do.

Casting the Spell

1st Stage Laying Out The Tarot

  • When you have prepared the room and you are ready to perform the spell, play some spiritual music and relax for a few minutes to clear your mind.
  • Place the print out on something red, visualise that the cross is a representation of your body, then light 13 white candles or tea lights around the cross to protect and cleanse, then place the Tarot Cards as follows
  • Put The World in its place as indicated, think about the areas of your life that you would like to be influenced by this healing spell
  • Then place The Sun on the left arm and feel the uplifting effect of natural sunlight, if it is a dull day then use a full spectrum light bulb.
  • Place the Strength card on the right arm while thinking about the strength and stamina you need to get you through your illness or help you recover.
  • In the middle of the cross place the High Priestess this is to help you get in touch with you spirit guides and guardian angels
  • On the right arm place The Star, which is the card for inspiration, hope for the future and the will for life. Ask for misdirected energies to  stop and that you will get direction and fulfillment.
  • On the left leg facing you place the King of Swords, this represents power and intellect but above all get in touch with your the fighting spirit to beat off negative emotions.
  • On the right leg facing you place the Strength card think about the strength and stamina that you need to get yourself through this difficult time.
  • Place the significator of yourself which can be an image or Tarot card or photograph across the High Priestess, and think of the steps you need to take to heal.
  • Now take the temperance card and place it on the area of the body that needs the healing , if this is for general healing then place it above the head so it trickles down to the feet. Temperance is a healer and protective spirit.
  • Lastly place a clear quartz crystal above the head of the cross if the Temperance is there place it on that, and when you do so image all the negative energy from you aura being drawn into it, tell the negativity to go away, and then visualise a rainbow surrounding your body to heal any gaps or weaknesses in your aura.
Tarot Healing

2nd Stage Performing the Affirmation

  • You need to change the music to some heavy rock which is usually in the keynote of C or C#, something with a beat that will cause metal objects in the room to vibrate in sympathy. This will vibrate at the same frequency as the root chakra at the base of the spine stimulating life force energy.
  • Gaze at the magenta behind the cross breath the colour into your lungs and then visualise the red going to the base of you spine and the blue going to your throat, hold it there for a while and then slowly breath out feel the calm and mental relaxation of the blue and the invigorating strength of the red.
  • Touch the area of your body that needs healing or place your hand on your head so the energy runs to earth through your body.
  • Now say your affirmation, you can make your own according to your situation associating the cards with their purpose in the spell using this as a guide
    • I call upon the power of the Universe, the Earth and Nature to strengthen the life force within me and help my body in its  natural healing process.
    • I call upon the cleansing power of the Sun to cleanse my body and rid my mind of all negativity.
    • I call upon the Star so I  can see there is hope for the future.
    • I call upon Temperance for the hand of healing.
    • I call upon the High Priestess to connect me with the healing power of my guides and angels.
    • I call upon the King of Swords to give me his fighting spirit.
    • I call upon the Strength card to give me the mental and physical determination to get through this illness.

When you have finished the affirmation continue with the colour visualisation for as long as you wish. Now play some relaxing music and soak up the sunlight watch the candles for a while then extinguish. Relax for a while and drink the solarised water, feel or imagine its cleansing and purifying effect spreading around your body.


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