Wiccan Love Spell Cast With the Tarot


Wiccan Love Spell With the Tarot and Pentacle

This Wiccan love spell together with the use of the Tarot is to bring love into your life. But first you must make way for someone to enter your life, and to do that you must heal from the past, and leave the baggage behind. In terms of Tarot wisdom something has to die in order for something to be reborn, we are going to assume that an old love has died but there are always issues that stay with us and that is what we are going to get rid as well call upon the universe to send someone else. So this spell is also about healing yourself.

This spell is best done at night before you go to bed during the period of the full moon. To prepare for the spell light some red coloured incense sticks, red candles to light the room, and play some love songs which are generally in the keynote of F or F# which vibrates with the heart chakra. You need a set of Tarot cards, a rose quartx point if you have one and an image of yourself. Download the diagram by clicking on this link Wiccan Love Spell, print it out preferably in colour but black and white will do. you need thirteen red candles to place around the diagram, tea lights will do nicely.

Wiccan Love Spell

Casting the Spell

  • Place the diagram on a red table cloth or background,
  • Put the significator of you on the diagram, focus on the pink diagram and hold the rose quartz point in both hands and clear your mind.
  • Also focus on the gold pentacle this is about valuing yourself and under the circumstances you would be unwise to sell yourself short of you true worth
  • Now concentrate on just loving yourself and leave the past behind,  do this for a while then when you are ready put the rose quartz in the middle of the pentacle to protect you from negative emotions, including your own!
  • Now place the Temperance card on the diagram and ask for her to give you healing from the emotional wounds of the past so you are able to leave the baggage behind and let some one new come into your life.
  • When you are ready place the Star on the diagram, this is, or the future you perhaps you never thought would or could happen. It is about fate bringing someone into your life as well as preparing you for the possibility that perhaps now is not the time, and you are going to have get through this situation on your own, after which perhaps they will be waiting for you.
  • Now place the Knight of Cups on the diagram, there are many aspects to the purpose of this card, there is the traditional meaning that he is a messenger or one who brings love into your life, however, there are other meanings that are relevant. He is about bringing artistic meaning into your life in the form of writing, music, or other arts and crafts, to enable you to express your feeling in a creative, positive and constructive way.  There is a dark side to this card and he can warn you about be the  plaything of external forces to help you set limits and prevent you  from getting involved with unsuitable people for the wrong reasons. In these circumstances we are generally better off on our own.
  • Put the lovers card on the diagram and spend sometime thinking about how different your life would be with some one to share it. While you do not want to bring up the past there is such a thing as learning the lessons of past mistakes which are the things you need to come to terms with, as doing the same old thing with the same sorts of people is just going to bring about the same old result. So this time we want something different in our lives so we can also be different this time around.
  • When you are ready its time for the affirmation, make up you own according to your circumstances, its always more powerful as its more likely be said with real feeling.You must accept that the other person however they came into your life has free will so the last verse is about we and us.
    I call for the Knight of Cups to bring love into my life guided by the light of my flames and the fate of the universe.

    This love has no limits, boundaries or conditions, it can be near or far as i am ready to give love so i shall also be able to receive love from whoever enters my life.

    Our love will be intense and passionate like the flame of the candles, but there will be friendship, our love will be long lasting.

    So as we desire this love, so it shall be

Concentrate for a while when you have finished just leave the spell as it is to send your message across the universe and let the candles burn themselves out