Wolfsangel Rune for Protection


Wolfsangel Rune for ProtectionRunic symbolism was commonly used during the Middle Ages as a means of healing and protection and is still used today. The healing runes had no other meaning in the runic alphabet or in rune casting for the purposes of divination.

The use of Wolfsangel as a symbol is often stated as being of Dutch or German origin and some sources state that it was used as an emblem for German peasant revolts starting in the 15th century, others state the German 30 Years War 1618 – 1648 and therefore signifies liberty and independence.

The Wolfsangel or wolf-hook is similar to a large fishing hook that was used to catch wolves in the same way as catching fish with bait that hooked the wolf once it was swallowed. From this it was used to symbolise protection from wolves and a strong superstition concerning werewolves, it was also used in battle to give the wearer the strength and ferocity of the wolf.

Wolfangel is associated with the god of war Tyr who had his hand bitten off by the Fenris wolf after being tricked into being tethered by a magic chain. There is a stronger association with the god Vidar son of Odin who slew the wolf after he escaped and devoured his father.

From Norse mythology we can understand why In the Middle Ages Wolfangel was used as a means of protection to bind together all negative influences and destroy them.

The shape of the rune Wolfsangel has two variations this one with a single hook in a vertical position and another with a double hook which is shown horizontally. This variation is not shown because of its adoption by the Nazis and Neo Nazis groups and is banned in Germany.

The use of Wolfsangel by the Nazis raises the question of whether these symbols are neutral and can be used for either positive or negative use, or is the negative use of these symbols ultimately self destructive.

To use this rune in a positive way for protection from negativity or psychic attack particularly if there are issues of control, draw it on a piece of paper and carry it with you or stick it in your home or work place.

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