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Dimple Sharma - World Music ArtistWorld Music from Dimple Sharma

“Haunting and deeply reflective, the music of Dimple Sharma is a fusion of adult contemporary, pop, and world music. Tabala, sitar, strings and flute meld beautifully with guitar, live drums, bass, and synth to create a sound that is decidedly Western, but that hints of Dimple’s East Indian origins. Dimple’s rich vocals accentuate the mix, giving her unique lyrics their own contemplative space. Her forthcoming debut album, Urban Monk, is scheduled for release November 3rd, 2011. Until then, you can preview some of the tracks here at Be sure to submit your email address to receive press releases on new music as it comes available.”

“Dimple Sharma is both a student and a teacher in many ways. After spending 5 years as a primary school educator, she moved on to a career in business, starting her own health company. Dimple’s aspiration in live a healthy, living food lifestyle sparked the creation of “NuYuga” which specializes in the development of innovative natural supplements and nutrient-dense superfoods.

Dimple practices Vipassana meditation (see the Links section), which she credits for helping her with musical creativity as well as bringing a sense of calm and focus to her life. Her musical goal, in her own words, “is to provide a roadmap for those individual souls seeking transcendent insight, and musical inspiration for The Great Work of unfolding the higher self.

“I wrote this album with the idea of providing the soundtrack to a life lived artfully, in open celebration.”

Dimple’s theme of cultivating the inner world in oneself is reflected in her lifestyle and leadership: high school valedictorian, black belt fighter, social entrepreneur, meditator and activist in her community. She has a welcoming and open-hearted nature, and invites her friends around the world to help spread the circle of love!”